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Nowadays spelling mistakes on the booking tickets are quite common. People make a lot of mistakes when booking their flights. The changes can be any like typo errors or the last name being changed due to divorce or marriage. These name changes cannot be surpassed as huge cases are reported on daily basis. Here, we present a quick guide for American Airlines Name Change or correction policy:

American Airlines Name Change or correction policy

The name mentioned on your ticket or boarding pass must match the government-issued ID you are showing at the airport. All documents should have the same names in the same alphabet in the right order. Then only you are legally allowed to board your flight with American Airlines.

The Department of Transportation rules also suggest that the name mentioned on the ticket should be right. Therefore, if any alphabet is different or your name is misspelled, you will most likely be aborted and can be asked to wait at the airport facility until further action is taken. It is seen many times the ticket is also terminated in some circumstances.

Many travelers hurriedly enter their names in the reservation form and never cross-check before submitting. Do have a look back or just a glance is important, especially if severe actions are confirmed if any error is spotted. With American Airlines, the error is considered an error whether you have misspelt the whole name or skipped an alphabet only.

Now, understanding the gravity of the situation, American Airlines has developed a client-friendly name correction or change policy for their passengers. The procedure is smooth and allows the passengers to correct their names if they entered them incorrectly.

Let’s have a look at the further sections to know about the name change or correction policy of American Airlines:

American Airlines Name Change or correction policy: Types of Name changes

Changing your name on your booking with any airline is never easy. All of them pose some restrictions on the passenger, and the amendments can only be made per those limitations. American Airlines follow a relatively simple procedure if you want to rectify your name on your ticket.

Travellers are allowed to change their names under many circumstances. They can make the changes if the printed name must be modified for legal reasons or for typo errors. Legal reasons like your surname are changed after divorce or marriage.

The American Airlines name change or correction policy allows the traveller to make amendments according to the TSA to match the legal documents. The airlines allow the passengers to make major or minor corrections on the to-be-used tickets.

Major Name Corrections:

The policy is strictly applied to the various itineraries reserved under the “R” inventory tag and has codeshare flight segments for the same. Also, the major name corrections can never be performed for the same PNR because of software limitations and always need a new PNR for the name change.

Minor Name Corrections:

The name correction is performed only on American Eagle and American Airlines flights. It can be performed on the same PNR.

Scenarios when American Airlines make amendments for free:

In case you choose to purchase a ticket as an award miles or gift ticket and you do not get any chance to add the name of the new customer. In this case, you can speak to the American Airlines reservation department and get your ticket changed without paying any fees. For the same, you must provide ID proof to change the name. It is advised to contact the American Airlines service desk 24 hours before departure to change the name on the ticket.

Suppose the issued ticket has a different name and is issued. Also, if there is any misspelling due to an error caused by our system, do reach out to the American Airlines reservation desk within 24 hours of take-off, and the error will be rectified for free. A new ticket will be issued to pay some extra fees as per the American Airlines Name Change or correction policy.

American Airlines Non-refundable tickets:

American Airlines do not provide any provision for a name change if you have bought a non-refundable ticket. The passengers cannot even claim a proper refund. In this case, the passenger has to cancel their ticket and rebook it with the right details on paying penalty charges.

American Airlines Name change or Correction fees:

Like every other international airline, American Airlines also charges their passengers some fee for name changes or corrections. The travelers do not need to pay anything if there are minor changes. There are no charges for the amendment. But $25 still be charged as the processing fees if there are major name changes. The name correction charges for international and domestic travelers are $700 and $200, respectively.

How to change your name on American Airlines?

To change your name as per the American Airlines Name Change or correction policy you need to follow the steps listed below:

  • Hit on the “Reservation button” on the homepage of the official American Airlines website.
  • Now login with your credential.
  • Once you have login now, select the flight you want to change by clicking the American Airlines reservation tab. Now hit the “change flight” tab; if this tab is greyed out or missing, you cannot change your name online and need to reach out to the customer care department of American Airlines.
  • If you can change it, select the respective flight and enter your new name.
  • Once you have changed your name, hit the save button, and you are done!

How to reach out to American Airlines for the name change or correction?

You can speak to customer care via call, email, or chat services for the name change. Let’s know about these options in detail:

Via call:

  • To contact American Airlines customer care, dial 888-217-4364(Canada & U.S.) or 833-844-0728 if you want to contact a live person.
  • If you need further assistance, then hit 1 current reservation inquiry.
  • Press 2 in case you want to make a fresh reservation.
  • Hit 3: If you need assistance with check-in or luggage-related queries.
  • Press 7: A live agent will contact you shortly and help you.

Chat with American Airlines Live agents:

If you need an instant solution, then you can visit the official website of American Airlines. On visiting, you can type your query out in the chat box. The live agents of the airlines will read your message and provide you with the best solutions possible. The service is active 24/7. Do reach out for instant assistance if you have any issues related to American Airlines Name Change or correction policy.

Email service:

American Airlines accepts email services if there is no solution on call. They reply to all the queries received on their helpline email id and try to help people with the easiest procedures. Do mention your queries clearly and if possible attach the requisite documentation too.

So do not panic; you can contact them via any of the above methods.


American Airlines is undoubtedly one of the finest airlines in the world. The name change policy launched by them offers a smooth solution to travelers. You can reach out to the contact details of the American Airlines if you need a quick assistance. Also, their customer care team is present round the clock and will be glad to help you out. Follow the article above, and you will receive answers to your queries. At last do read your form twice before submitting to avoid name change issues.

American Airlines Name Change or correction policy: Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the list of FAQs related to the American Airlines Name Change or correction policy:

Can an American Airlines ticket be transferred to any other passenger’s name?

No, it is strictly prohibited.

Can the customers update their names on their basic economy booking with American Airlines?

The booking made for American Airlines primary economy tickets cannot be refunded or changed.

Can a traveller fly with incorrect name?

No, as per the TSA rules and regulations the name printed on boarding pass should be match the government-ID proof presented by the traveller.

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