Spirit Airlines Pet Policy: Fly with your dog & Service Animals

Pet lovers can’t leave their pets behind and like to travel with them. After all, they are an essential part of their family. But travelers should know that going out with their pets especially traveling through international or domestic boundaries, can be tricky. The Spirit Airlines Pet Policy will help you in knowing about the guidelines before you plan to travel with your pet. Here is the guide for traveling with your furry friend on Spirit Airlines:

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

With Spirit Airlines, you cannot travel on international flights with pets. Although Spirit Airlines allow travelers to travel with pets only on domestic flights, they can also have access to travel to U.S. virgin islands and Puerto Rico. 

The domestic animals allowed by Spirit Airlines are inclusive of the following:

  • Small rabbits
  • Cats
  • Small household birds,
  • Dogs.

Always remember that while travelling to and from U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, you can’t carry rabbits and birds with you.

Also, Spirit Airlines have strict guidelines and never allows the below-listed animal to board their flights:

  • Rodents,
  • Snakes,
  • Spiders,
  • Waterfowl or poultry animals.
Spirit Airlines Pet Policy: Fly with your dog & Service Animals

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy: Service Animals

The rules and regulations differ a bit if you have a licensed service animal. Spirit Airways Pet travel policy only permit dogs as service animals to board the plane. Before starting your journey, complete a Service Animal transportation form and submit it to the airline 48 hours before departure.

To streamline the procedure of your service animal travel, you must take approval in advance, as it can take a bit of time if you suddenly bring the paperwork to the desk. They will take time, and you may need the time to rebook.

You can travel with a maximum of two well-trained service dogs, and you need to fill out a form for each of them. On the flight, the dog you are travelling with needs to sit on the passenger’s lap or within the personal foot of the space.

In case you are travelling to an international destination, you need to know the various travel restrictions for your service animal and the immunization and documentation you need to go through if you are travelling back to the United States.

Also, remember that Spirit Airlines pets policy never considers therapy or emotional support animals service animals. The emotional and therapy animals are treated as pets while travelling and checking in with Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy: Rules and Regulations

Every traveller needs to follow stringent rules and regulations if they are travelling with their pets on Spirit Airlines. The authorities must be strictly implemented to protect you, your fellow travelers and your pet.

  • The traveller can carry a maximum of two pets in a single carrier, but every guest can carry only one carrier with them.
  • Pets travelling with the passenger should be fully weaned and over eight weeks old.
  • Animals travelling should be docile, odorless, and harmless and not attract social attention. In case it is noticed that your pet seems to cause any nuisance before taking off, then you will be escorted off along with your pet.
  • The pet in the carrier should be able to move around and stand up in the container.
  • If you travel to U.S. Virgin Islands with your pet, don’t forget to bring their health certificate. If you travel to Puerto Rico with your pet, a rabies vaccination certificate is compulsory.
  • Also, pets need to be in the carrier for the whole time of the flight.
  • Pets cannot be seated in the emergency exit or first rows.
  • The pet carrier container dimension should be not more than 18*14*9 inches, and the pet carrier should fit well under the seat in front of the traveller.
  • The combined weight for the carrier and per should be 40 pounds or less.
  • The pet carrier you are travelling with should be soft-sided, but it doesn’t mean the pet’s head hangs out of the carrier.

Spirit Airlines Checking-in and Reservation for Pets

If you have made a reservation for your ticket, dully filled out all the forms, and completed your research, then you must follow the pet-specific procedures to travel with your pets on Spirit Airlines. You should know that your pet needs a separate reservation, and the travelers can secure their place by texting, chatting or calling Spirit Airlines. 

Six pet carriers can be accommodated in a single flight of Spirit Airlines. You must pay $125 as a pet fee for Spirit Airlines for a single side for a single container. Upon arriving at the airport, the pet’s check-in procedure will be different. If it is your first time with your pet, do try to arrive a little early at the airport so that airline people will have enough time to check in with the paperwork and provide you with the approval for the pet.

Spirit Airlines provides an efficient solution for travelers to travel with their pets from one destination to another. Although they do not allow them to travel in cargo, they will enable them to be carriage and accompany you on your trips.

Spirit Airlines pet policy: Cabin

Spirit Airlines accepts household birds, cats and small dogs in the cabin for domestic flights. In case the weight of the carrier and pet is below 40 lbs. or 18 kg, they are allowed to travel. Small cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin for flights from or to St. Thomas or Puerto Rico. Also, travelers can only travel with a single pet carrier with two pets. Also, pets are never allowed to travel in a cabin for international flights. Spirit Airlines limits the pet carriers to four in the cabin while travelling in the United States.

Spirit Airways Pet travel policy for Checked baggage:

As per the Spirit Airways pet policy never allows pets to travel as checked baggage.

Spirit Airways Carrier Guidelines

The carriers in the cabin should never exceed 45.72cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86cm or 18″ x 14″ x 9″. Also, the carrier should have enough space and height for the pet to stand and move around the carrier. Pets should be seated in the carrier all the time while travelling.

At last the above listed Spirit Airlines pets policy will help you to travel with your pet and also the carrier guidelines you need to consider.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy: FAQs

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Spirit Airlines pet policy:

Is the pet fees is refundable with Spirit Airlines?

For booking the transportation space in the flight pet fees is paid while booking. It is not refundable.

Am I allowed to take my pet on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines allows household birds, cats and dogs to travel in domestic flight inside the cabin. The combined weight of the carrier and pet should be 18kg or 40lbs.

Is pet is allowed to move around freely in flight?

No pet is allowed to free to roam around on the flight. They are only allowed to travel in a soft-sided or hard-sided carrier. Spirit Airlines pets policy is quite strict of the pets travelling on flight.

Is pets are allowed to travel Spirit Airlines free of cost?

With Spirit Airlines, for a pet the traveler needs to pay $125 from every side to travel in cabin.

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