Do you know about ITA Airways Cancellation Policy?

The ITA Airways cancellation policy allows the passenger to seek complete or partial refunds depending upon the circumstances. If the flight you want to board is delayed or cancelled by more than 5 hours, you need to look for a refund or seek an itinerary change for your ticket without getting any penalty. Suppose your flight departing through any European Union airport is delayed or cancelled by three hours for any reason beyond the ITA’s control. In that case, you are entitled to the compensation. The compensation in these circumstances will always depend upon the delay length and flight distance.

ITA Airways Cancellation Policy:

In case your flight with ITA is delayed or cancelled for more than 5 hours, then you can opt for:

Change, rebook or reroute the itinerary to return to your original point or reach out to your destination on the flight that is not later than 14 days after or before the delayed and cancelled flight date. If you are changing the destination within 14 days after cancelling your flight and the same class fare is unavailable, then the difference in price needs to be paid.


You can change the destination within 30 days of your flight schedule. Remember that international-to-international and domestic-to-domestic and changes in the destination are allowed. Also, it is inclusive of fare changes if the same fare class is not available. Remember the traveler is not provided with any refund even if the new fare is on the lower side.


You can seek a full refund for your booking (without paying any penalty) according to the EC261/2004 Regulation.

Suppose the flight departing from the airport in the EU is delayed or cancelled for 3 hours because of airport internal issues. In that case, the passengers are entitled to seek compensation as per the regulation EC261/2004. However, ITAs will not offer compensation in case of flight cancellation due to circumstances beyond their control, such as airport closure/strike, adverse weather conditions, flight suspensions, etc. All of these circumstances fall under ITA Airways cancellation policy.

If you fall sick and cannot travel, you must provide the airlines with a valid medical document:

  • The traveler can place their request to seek an extension in your date of travel (It can be inclusive of your travel companion). Remember that the date can be increased by three months as per the medical certificate presented. You must pay the difference if no seat is available in your fare class.
  • Look for a penalty-free refund.

If you cannot travel due to illness and have already started your journey, the traveler can present a feasible medical certificate:

  •  Seek an extension to the travel date (inclusive for their travel companions) by up to three months of the medical certificate issued date. You must pay for the fare differently if the seats are available in a different fare class. It new flight.
  • You can seek your penalty-free refund for the unused ticket part.

In case the traveler died while travelling and the person accompanying had to present the death certificate:

  • Seek an extension in the date of your travel for 45 days from the death date, or the minimum condition for stay is removed, or 
  • You can look for a partial or full refund.

In case of any first-degree partner, relative or spouse of the traveler within ten days before the date of traveler, the passenger can present the death certificate and can seek a refund as per the below-mentioned conditions:

  • Travel date extension for 45 days from the death date
  • Seek a partial or full refund.

The passenger can also opt for a ticket refund from/to the United States within 24 hours of ticketing and receive a 100% refund. Still, the only condition is that the ticket bought should be seven days before the departure date.

The refund and cancellation request for the ticket bought from the third-party agent should be sent to them for further action.

Do you need assistance with the ITA Airways cancel booking request? Then reach out to the customer care team if ITA Airways immediately.

IT Airways 24-hour Cancellation Policy

If you bought a ticket at least seven days before the departure, you can cancel the booking within 24 hours. This scenario will have no penalty, and the full refund is reverted to the source. The ITA Airways 24-hour cancellation policy is applied to all fare classes, including non-refundable ones.

How can you cancel your ITA Airways flights?

Per the ITA Airways cancellation policy, travelers can cancel their booking by following two methods for cancellation. One is online, while the other one is offline. The client must contact the ITA official web platform to cancel their tickets online. For the offline procedure to opt for ticket cancellation, the traveler needs to reach out to the customer care executives or write to

Below are the two detailed methods listed under ITA Airways cancellation policy:

Procedure 1: ITA Airways flight cancellation online:

For the online procedure for cancelling the ITA Airways flight, the individual needs to access the account on the official website. Then you had to follow all the instructions for cancelling your ticket. As asked, you need to add up all your details:

  • Visit ITA Airways’ official website.
  • You will be required to sign up or log in. Then, you will be migrated to the Airline cancellation page. On logging in, the traveler can choose the “Manage Booking” tab and hit the. Going further, you must enter the traveler’s name and the booking reference number.
  • Now, you can choose the flight ticket you need to cancel.
  • On cancelling, the traveler will receive a confirmation email from the airline.

Procedure 2: ITA Airways flight cancellation call:

The offline procedure is the best for clients who need live assistance for cancelling tickets. The helpline number will be required to proceed ahead. The assistance team will help with the right procedure and will guide you as per the ITA Airways Cancellation Policy.

How can a traveler request an ITA Airways refund?

Here you can request the refund process on the ITA Airways official website:

  • The toll-free number for the USA is 877-793-1717
  • The toll-free number for Canada is 866-725-7077
  • For Italy: 800 936090, 893 49049
  • From abroad: +39 06 85960020
  • For further details you can visit the support section of ITA Airways.

ITA Airways Refund Policy:

 The fare rule while buying the tickets will be able to let you know about the refunds for ITA Airways. Here are some of the significant pointers to know about the ITA refund policy:

The individual who has made the payment for the ticket or the person for whom the ticket was bought can apply for a refund.

If the tickets are bought by anyone else, the refund is provided to that individual only once they show the documents.

If the tickets are lost, the individual who has or holds the ticket will be eligible for a refund once he returns the unused coupons to the airline.

The refundable amount for the partially used booking will always be proportional to the charges and takes of the unused flight segment.

If tickets are bought through a third-party agent, the due refund will be provided to the authority agent in the same currency and towards the same source for payment.

The ITA Airways tickets or the ones issued by authorized agencies will be refunded the amount in the utmost 30 days after the mentioned expiry date. 

Compensation for ITA Airways cancelled flights

Here is the list of details that you should explore to seek compensation for ITA Airways Cancelled flights:

In case your flight departure is due from an EU airport and is delayed or cancelled for more than three hours, then you are allowed to select any one of the below-listed options:

You can seek a complete refund for the ticket, and if there is a connecting flight, you can book a return flight to your original airport at the earliest.

The traveler can take the next suitable flight to their destination without any charges or choose any other flight on a later date without paying any fees.

You can still look for compensation if you choose any other flight, and it can reach your destination a bit later than your original flight.

The compensation amount you will receive for delayed or cancelled flights as per the EC261/04 Regulation is listed below:

  • 250 Euros for flight distance equal to or less than 1500 km.
  • 400 Euros for flight distance above 1,500 km(Travelling within the EU).
  • 400 Euros for flight distance for all flight distances between (1500 to 3500 km)
  • 600 Euros for flight distances above 3500km.

But there can be exceptions, and there is no compensation provided if

ITA Airways already informed you about the flight cancellation 14 days before the departure.

Due to extraordinary circumstances, your flights were cancelled, and ITA Airways did not control them. (The reasons can be airport closure, difficult weather, mobility suspensions, flight suspension, etc.)

You are already informed about flight cancellation 7-14 days before the departure. The ITA Airways offered you any other flight scheduled to:

  •  Land at the final destination in 4 hours after the arrival time of the booked flight.
  • Depart two hours before the original flight departure time.

You are also informed within seven days before your original flight departure. The ITA Airways offered you any other flight schedule to:

  • Depart within an hour of the original flight departure.
  • Will be landing at the final destination in 2 hours after the arrival timing of the original flight.

What are the charges for ITA flight cancellation?

The travellers must pay some about as the ITA cancellation fee to cancel their booking. The charges will be dependent on ITA Airways. They may charge or provide alternative options free of cost. But if ITA Airways is charging, then it will always be dependent on the below listed parameters:

  • Destination
  • Ticket price
  • Cancellation time
  • Carriage condition

How can you apply for compensation?

As per the ITA Airways cancellation policy to apply for compensation, you must send a dedicated email to One ITA Airways team member will inform you about the status and how much compensation you will be entitled to.

The ITA Airways Cancellation Policy stated above will help in seeking support from the ITA Airways. Read through to be clear in your mind before booking your flight with ITA Airways. The ITA Airways cancel booking queries can be answered on reaching out to the customer care of the company or on writing them.

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