Do you know about ITA Airways Pet Policy?

People often want to travel with their pets while on vacation. Here is everything you need to know if you travel with your pet on ITA Airways. As a traveller, you should understand that not all aircraft are equipped to travel with pets. The size of the pet carrier also varies for every aircraft. ITA’s exceptional assistance service can be contacted to learn more about how you can travel with your pet. The article will cover ITA Airways pet policy in detail.

To start with, let’s know about ITA Airways pet policy:

  • ITA Airways Pet Policy states that the pet carrier should be covered with a newspaper, absorbent paper or a blanket. The straw is not allowed.
  • The pet should resemble any signs of injury or tiredness. Before travelling, try visiting a vet to ensure your pet is in the perfect condition to travel. At least a bowl can be adjusted inside the carrier. The bowl should be empty and removed without using the carrier door.
  • The pet you travel with on ITA Airways should not have a muzzle or leash. Also, these accessories can be carried in baggage but cannot be kept in a carrier.

If the above is not fulfilled, or if the pet is seen disturbing the passengers, then the captain can take action and transfer your pet to the cargo hold. If you need further information on travelling with your furry friend, look at the website for detailed information. The ITA Airways Pet Policy will allow to plan your holiday without any last minute hassle.

Tips for travelling with your pet on ITA Airways:

  • The pet should be fed appropriately at least four hours before take-off. The owner should ensure the pet has consumed enough food and will not ask for anything while travelling.
  • You can also feed your pet a small amount of water before leaving the airport.

Ferrets, Dogs and Cats:

To travel in the European Union, ferrets, cats and dogs, you need to have the below-listed items:

  • Legible microchip or tattoo.
  • They should have all the vaccinations listed on their passports. An upgraded and valid rabies vaccination is mandatory.

If you are travelling with your pets in Italy with ITA Airways, then you should have the following:

A pet passport or health card is mandatory to travel with ITA Airways with your pet in Italy.

If you travel in the United States, the dogs and cats should have the information below or documents:

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC is responsible for providing the permit to dogs. Reach out to them to receive it. For any further information, you can check the CDC website.

Or your dog should have a vaccination certificate for rabies. 

Or An oral or written statement that for the past 180 days, your dog has lived in a rabies-free country.

CDC issued new guidelines to be implemented from June 10, 2022; as per them, dog entry is banned in the United States, especially if they travel from high-risk countries for rabies. It is always the importer’s responsibility to reach out for all the required approvals, and it is recommended that all the issues be directed towards the CDC. The CDC’s preliminary requirement is to arrange or apply for travel at least 30 business days before the departure. 

Here are some tips for travelling with your pet with ITA Airways:

  • The pets must be at least three months before travelling through ITA Airways. 
  • The pets are not allowed to travel in the United Kingdom.
  • You can check the rules and regulations of the country with its consulate or embassy or consult the manual for IATA travel information.
  • Travellers can travel with their assistant dogs, guide dogs, and disabled travellers without charges. However, the assistance dogs travel to Ireland and the United Kingdom.
  • The cats and dogs travelling in Israel should adhere to specific legislation. Consider these guidelines if you travel through Israel with your cats and dogs.

Before travelling to any country, you should check with them to know their restrictions.

Specific conditions you need to stick to for Cabin and hold transport for travelling with your pets:

  • To keep your animal safe while travelling, it should be kept in the carrier while boarding the aircraft for the entire time on the flight.
  • You should have a rigid, soft-sided or semi-rigid carrier to travel with your pet.
  • The carrier’s measurement should be a width of 20 cm, a length of 40 cm, and a height of 24 cm. The pet should weigh 8kg and be kept in the carrier until you reach your destination city.
  • The carrier can take up five animals, but their weight should be at most 8 kgs and 210 kgs along with the food weight. Another condition is that all five animals should be of the same species.
  • ITA Airways accepts pages if you are using a semi-rigid or soft-sided carrier if they are a bit higher than 2-4cm as per the abovementioned measurements. On the other hand, Rigid pages need to obey the dimensions stated above.
  • The car should allow the dog to sit, lie, and turn comfortably. Also, the carrier should be waterproof and well-ventilated. The page can be either soft-sided or semi-rigid to meet the above-listed requirements.

ITA Airways Pet travel policy on hold:

Here is the list of instructions as per the ITA Airways pet policy:

  • The pet should be kept in a rigid carrier while travelling.
  • The pet carriers shouldn’t have wheels. If the wheels are present, then you should remove them. If they are found to be retractable, then the pet carrier should be locked with the help of adhesive tape.
  • The pet carrier body should only be made of hard plastic or fibreglass.
  • CAGES used for transporting dogs should have the following:
    • The CAGES side air inlets for transporting the dogs should never be made up of plastic. Preference is always given to metal.
    • The CAGES should have a metal door and a locking system to lock all the closure points at the bottom, top, and middle doors.
  • The CAGE dimensions can vary per the aircraft type used while travelling.

 ITA Airways recommendations for the brachycephalic races are on hold:

The snub nose or brachycephalic race is prone to temperature and stress. Travellers need to ensure their pets remain in the best condition. It is suggested that you keep a check on your pet’s health and any issues related to the travel.

Emotional support and assistance animals:

ITA Airways allows special assistance dogs in Cabins without paying any charges.

If connecting flights exist, the traveller must check with the individual flights to travel with their animal.

If you travel through multiple airlines, you should seek confirmation from every airline to avoid confusion while travelling.

ITA Airways Pet Policy: General Terms

To travel comfortably in the Cabin, the dog should be trained to behave and obey in the public environment (i.e. the animal is not allowed to attack, growl or bark).

As per the ITA Airways dog policy, the emotional support dogs are not similar to the task-trained assistance dogs. This is why emotional support dogs are not permitted for complimentary travel perks and must pay a particular fee.

Small dogs are never required to travel in a pet carrier on the flight. If they are out of the page, then a muzzle and a leash are necessary.

While travelling, the dog must obey:

  • They should never sit on any traveller seat and are never allowed to enter the exit row.
  • The dog should be under the traveller’s control all the time.
  • The muzzle needs to be used if the pilot requests it. The animal transport is entirely free if they are loaded in the hold. The traveller must pay for any damage or fee for the dog transportation.

ITA Airways Pet Policy for Hamsters and rabbits:

If you are travelling in the European Union, the hamsters and rabbits must have the following:

  • A cage or container as per the type of cabin transport and animal.
  • A valid medical certificate states that the pet is in the best health.

Contact the ITA Airways call centre if you travel with your hamsters and rabbits outside the European Union.

Suppose you travel in the European Union with Ferrets, cats and dogs. In that case, you must have the below-listed things for your animal:

  • A legible microchip or tattoo
  • A valid passport and up-to-date rabies certification is required.

ITA Airways pet policy for Birds:

The Ministry of Health and the European Union have imposed a complete ban on the transportation of birds from the Balkan Peninsula, South Africa, Russia, Turkey and Asia.

ITA Airways Pet travel fees:

Here are the charges. Have a look:

In-cabin pet (Utmost 10 kg weight is allowed inclusive of food and carrier)Checked Pet (Utmost 75kg weight is allowed inclusive of food and carrier)
Domestic Flight80 USD or 70 Euros80 USD or 70 Euros
To/From North Africa, Europe (Egypt is not included)100 USD or 90 Euros110 USD or 100 Euros
To/from the Middle East and the rest of the world230 USD or 210 Euros240 USD or 220 Euros
ITA Airways

How can you book your ticket for pet travel with ITA Airways?

Travelers can book in-cabin travel for their pets with ITA Airways through two modes: via customer support or online.

Online procedure for booking pet travel with ITA Airways:

You need to follow the below-listed steps for travelling with your pet:

  • Visit the official website of ITA Airways and look for the tab named “Book and Manage.” now hit the “My flight” button.
  • Type your booking reference number and last name in the fields. Now, hit the search tab to check your booking.
  • Choose the “Pet reservation” button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Pay ITA Airways pet fees, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

ITA Airways pet travel booking on the phone:

Here are the quick steps for you:

  • Contact the ITA Airways team’s customer care.
  • While booking your flight, you can ask the airline’s executive to keep a spot for your pet.
  • Please send all the specifications for your pet as per their weight, breed and size.
  • Now, pay pet travel fees and ask them to send you the reference number for pet travel.

You need to arrive about two hours before the scheduled departure. Also, ensure that you have certification and vaccination proofs. The above-stated documents must be presented at the airport’s check-in counter.

The above stated ITA Airways pet policy, will help you in planning your ticket in advance with your pet. Make a note of it and plan accordingly.

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