A quick guide for United Airlines Infant Policy

United Airlines Infant Policy

Travelling with infants is quite challenging, especially if you do not know about their policy. Here is the quick guide for United Airlines infant policy:

United Airlines Infant Policy:

  • Kids upto two years or 24 months are never allowed separate seats with United Airlines. The passenger should inform United that they are travelling with a lap child.
  • Only one lap child is allowed for every adult. If two infants travel with an adult, a seat must be purchased for the additional one.
  • The traveller can also buy a seat for the infant if they have a child restraint device.
  • The adult travelling with the infant on their lap should be more than 18 years of age.
  • In case the infant had his second birthday on the flight or while travelling, then he needs to pay for the charges for the fight he boards after turning two years old.
  • While flying with your infant or lap child, you must inform United that you travel internationally or domestically. For the same, you must select an option named “infant on lap” during check-in or booking. Only one infant is allowed to travel on an adult’s lap. Also, you can be asked to show the child’s birth certificate to prove that your kid is under two years old.

The United Airlines infant policy keep on changing visit their official website here:

United Airlines Infant Travel for domestic destinations

If the kid is below 24 months or two years of age, they can travel without paying any charges as long as the infant travels domestically.

United Airlines Infant travel for international destinations

For a kid under 24 months or two years of age, the airlines charge about 10% of the adult fare and applicable taxes. The fee is valid even if the infant travels on the passenger’s lap as per the United Airlines infant policy. If the infants travel between Canada and the United States, they need to pay for the travel.

Child Restraint devices:

Children can bring an approved car seat to the flight. The FAA should approve the seat you are carrying with you. Also, note that you need to adhere to the seat placement restrictions for the infant seat; here is the list:

  • The car seat can placed in the middle seat or the window seats in the central section.
  • On one-aisle flight.
  • On two-aisle flights
  • They can never be kept in rear-facing seats.

If your car seat was built after February 1985, you should also check that it is certified for use in aircraft. It would help if you used it to for your child during landing, turbulence, and take-off. As per the FAA guidelines, the kid’s restraint devices can be used. Also, the CARES or Child aviation restraint system uses a shoulder harness and an extra belt applied at the back of the seat and attached to the lap belt. Kids who weigh between 44 and 22 pounds can use this device.

Infant Amenities that can be used on Flights

International flights like Boeing 777, 747, 767 and 757-200 allow a particular amount of bassinets to be used free of charge. Also, the bassinets have enough space to hold a child of six months. The Bassinets are not utilised while landing, take off or even when the seat belt indicator is turned on. To request the bassinet for the flight, you can reach out to United Airlines customer care at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331). Remember that Bassinet reservations are always provided based on availability. It is also recommended that you should place a request as soon as possible as they are delivered on first cum first basis. 

United Airlines Infant policy: Stroller 

The strollers, along with the standard baggage allowance, are always checked in to the final destination without any charges. The kids can travel in their strollers while passing through the airport. The strollers are also checked at the gate. Also, no strollers of any size are allowed as carry-on baggage. The kids’s stroller should be delivered at the aircraft entry on request at the destination or connecting city. Non-collapsible, large-sized strollers cannot be allowed to be checked at the gate. You can check with the United Airlines executive at the airport if you have a non-collapsible, large-sized stroller. United Airlines is never responsible for any damage. 

The airlines is not responsible for damage to strollers not packaged in a box and checked at the check-in counter.

United Infants Seating arrangements

The adult travelling with the infant is not allowed to sit in the exit row as per the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration regulations. A single infant is allowed for every seat group due to the availability of limited oxygen masks.

Do a passenger need to pay for the infant seat if they are flying with United Airlines?

The passengers do not need to buy a seat for their kids if they are under two years of age. Such kids can travel on the lap of an adult on a flight. The adults need to buy a seat for their kid for the below-listed conditions:

You have booked a round-trip flight, and your child has turned two before boarding the return flight.

In case you are having two kids and both of them are under two years of age. In this situation, you need to buy out at least a single seat for one of your kids, as you cannot travel with more than a single child on your lap. 

How much does an adult need to pay for the lap infant’s ticket if they are travelling to an international destination?

The lap infant fare can differ as per the destination they are travelling to. For instance, in case you have booked a ticket to New York from San Francisco in economy class for one lap infant and two adults. Then, the fare will be $823 for every adult, including fees and taxes. The price for the lap infant will be $82 inclusive of fees and taxes. A lap infant ticket is about a fraction of the adult ticket cost.

In case you are making your booking with the United MileagePlus miles, then you need to pay 10% of the fare, which is inclusive of United along with the partner airlines. With the United MileagePlus miles, the lap infant fee can go unto $250. This feature is very beneficial if you book a business-class ticket for adults.

United Stroller Policy and Carry-on Allowance while travelling along with an infant:

Along with the regular United Airlines carry-on allowance, you can bring the below-listed items onboard along with your infant:

  • Car seat approved by FAA
  • Diaper bag
  • A compact stroller (Folding) should be as per standard carry-on limits
  • Breast pump, formula or milk.

The passengers can use car seats, standard strollers and folding wagons while commuting to the gate and check them at the gate without paying any extra cost. In case you are nursing, then you can pump or breastfeed from the bathroom or seat. The traveler can always keep using ice with their formula and milk in the cabin. United Airlines does not allow to keep breastmilk in the onboard refrigerator. United Airlines infant policy is quite strict for the travelers so do read through before you travel with your lap infant.

Does United Airlines allow the families to sit together?

People travelling in primary economy tickets are usually not allowed access to the complimentary seat selection. But nowadays, as per the UA’s recent policies, families flying with their kids below 12 years can sit together without paying any money. 

United family boarding

If you are flying with your kid, know that if you have a kid or less, you will qualify for the United Airlines pre-boarding facility. The pre-boarding refers to the first boarding groups. The below-listed travelers are allowed for the United family boarding:

  • Premier 1k elites and Global services
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Client with liabilities
  • Military, active members.

Can I sit together with my child on United?

Parents on a budget might be inclined to book primary economy tickets, which generally don’t include a complimentary seat selection. However, thanks to United’s recent policy, families flying with children under 12 can sit together for free. Do keep on checking the United Airlines infant policy for the upgrades as the rules keep on changing.

United Airlines Infant Policy: Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the list of FAQs related to the United Airlines infant policy:

What are the items you can carry with you for your infant?

If you are travelling with an infant, then you can bring the below-listed items with you in addition to the personal items and carry-on:

FAA-approved car seats

Diaper bag

Formula or milk, Breast pump

Compact and folding stroller according to the guidelines for carry-on size 

Car seats are never allowed to travel with United Polaris business class on Boeing 787, 767 or 777 flights. Collapsible cribs, Pack ‘n’ Play and other items for your infant should be checked at the ticket desk and can be charged as per the baggage rate applicable for your fare type.

Can we fly with our newborn?

As per the United Airlines Infant policy, the newborn you are flying should be of more than seven days. Infants older than seven days are allowed to travel with United.

Does United allow the stroller or car seat to check in at the ticket counter?

The traveller can check a stroller, car seat or flooding wagon for a child without paying extra charges. It can be performed at the ticket desk or fate. Non-collapsible or large strollers and non-folding wagons should be checked at the counter without any additional payment.

Does United provide a changing tables facility on their flight?

Not all planes have changing tables, but yes, some of them have and here is the list:

Boeing 767

Boeing 787

Also Boeing 777

Boeing 757-300

Boeing 757-200.

You can ask the flight attendant to help your way out with the proper lavatory.

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