Do you know about United Airlines Stroller Policy?

Do you know about United Airlines Stroller Policy

United Airlines accepts car seats, standard strollers and folding wagons without paying any extra charges. You must pay additional fees if you are travelling with one of the non-standard strollers, like oversized umbrellas or jogging strollers. Also, big strollers or any other item cannot be adjusted in an overhead bin and must be checked on the counter before the flight boarding. In this article we will have a look on United Airlines stroller policy:

In case you are travelling with your child, it is essential that you need to know about carry-on baggage limitations as they are still relevant. The United Airlines website mentions that legal guardians or parents can bring a personal item and a diaper bag with the Stroller. 

The guardians can place the diaper bag under the front seat, and you can keep any other item in the overhead bin.

The strollers you checked in at the gate or ticket desk will be provided upon arrival.

The traveller needs to mark their Stroller properly for connecting and layover flights.

Check with United Airlines staff to properly mark your Stroller for layovers and connecting flights.

United Airlines Stroller Policy

The Stroller can be folded and kept in the overhead compartment and under the seats. You must check with the United Airlines restrictions and guidelines. The stroller fees are dependent on the airlines you are travelling in. 

If you wish to have a great experience travelling with your Stroller on United Airlines, let the airline know that you are travelling with the Stroller in advance.

Here are some critical points about United Airlines Stroller Policy:

  • If you travel with a gate-checked stroller, remember to pick it up on arrival.
  • If you travel with a battery-powered stroller, you must remove the batteries before boarding.
  • The Stroller must be kept safely under the front seat or overhead bin.
  • If you travel with a non-foldable or large stroller, checking in with other luggage will be great.
  • The lightweight, compact, foldable Stroller will be allowed to check-in only if the cabin is completely packed.
  • The Stroller you travel with should be packed and folded with the carrier bag before boarding.

What should be the weight of the Stroller to check-in at the gate to travel with United Airlines?

Primarily to check-in at the gate, the strollers with United Airlines should be at most 9kg or 20 pounds. The weight restriction should be in place to ensure luggage safety. If the traveller crosses the weight limit stated above, the Stroller will be checked in as regular luggage, and the traveller must pay for the same. Per the United Airlines stroller policy guidelines, checking the Stroller’s weight is possible.

How do you check in the Stroller at the gate?

Once you reach the gate, you must hand over the Stroller to the agent. They will provide you with the claim tag and explain the procedure. Attach the label to the Stroller, carry it to the jet bridge end, and wait for your board turn.

Before boarding, fold your Stroller and leave it at the door. One of the agents will collect and take it to the cargo. Upon reaching your destination, you can ask for your Stroller at the baggage claim. It will depend upon the airport as some gate-checked items can be picked up from the belt and the luggage, while others can be received separately. If you cannot locate your Stroller, reach out to the United Airlines staff members.

How can you receive your Stroller via TSA?

While travelling with children at United Airlines, carry-on items like blankets, toys, and bags must be screened on the X-ray belt. It includes backpacks, car seats, booster seats, baby carriers, umbrella strollers and strollers. The traveller can also keep items in the carry-on bag, stroller pockets or directly on the X-ray belt. If asked or while screening, the stroller items must be removed and placed separately on the belt.

Once the screening is complete, the Stroller can be returned to the security. If you are travelling with your infant and carrying a car seat with you, then you need to take your kid With you and place the car seat on the X-ray belt for screening. In case you have backpacks or booster seats, the same procedure is applied. If you have a collapsible stroller, you can collapse it and reopen it for the screening procedure. Ultimately, if the Stroller is heavy or oversized to carry through security, you can be asked to check it in through the ticket counter. The Stroller will be returned to the traveller while exiting from the security check point.

Does United Airlines allow you to gate-check both your Stroller and car seat?

The answer is yes; you can quickly check in with your Stroller and car seat. Gate checking will help you bring all your items to the gate and hand them over to the agents to get on the flight conveniently. 

Can You Gate-Check both A Car Seat And Stroller?

The answer is yes; you can gate-check a car seat and a stroller. Gate checking allows you to conveniently bring these items to the gate and then have them stowed in the plane’s cargo hold. All of these items will be screened and can eb asked to open up at the checkpoint for safety guidelines.

What if your Stroller gets damaged in transit?

If the Stroller gets damaged while travelling, the passenger can file a claim, and the airline can be asked to pay compensation for the damage. Do know that it can be time-consuming and needs documentation and damage evidence. It is often suggested that the traveller take all precautions and use the Stroller properly. This will help them travel hassle-free and also minimize the damage while travelling.

Stroller that you can bring to United Airlines

Here is the list of strollers that you can get to United Airlines:

Collapsible Strollers

Being one of the compact ones, the collapsible strollers are allowed on board. Many of them can even be folded down to a backpack size. If you have these strollers, you can bring them inside and store them in the overhead storage of your flight.

Folding wagons

Folding strollers and wagons are always more extensive than the collapsible ones. You can either check them from the ticket counter or at the gate.

Non-collapsible strollers

If you have a stroller that cannot collapse, you have to check it at the ticket counter. As per the United Airlines stroller policy you cannot bring collapsible stroller to the cabin. Many airports also provide strollers for parents who have already checked in at the ticket counter on their own.

Stroller Price in United Airlines:

Strollers up to 20 lbs and 62 linear inches can be travelled free of cost on United Airlines. As per the United Airlines stroller policy the travelers can bring one Stroller for a single child without any charges. But if you have a folding wagon and collapsible Stroller, you must pay for them. 

United Airlines offers some discounts for kids and infants travelling on international and domestic flights:

United Airlines offers many discounts for children and infants for travelling on international and domestic flights. If the infant is less than two years of age, then they can travel without paying any fee on the adult’s lap. They can also occupy a separate seat on paying the discounted fare.

Kids between two and eleven years old are offered discounted fares to travel on international and domestic flights. The discount amount will depend on the fare class you buy and your destination.  

The adult’s fare is applicable if the child occupies a full seat. While travelling on the domestic route on some flights, the kid must pay 50% of the amount. Also, the kids sometimes must pay 75% of the adult fare on international routes.

You can earn discounts and rewards for future flights if you are a United’s MileagePlus program member.

Lastly, the United Airlines stroller policy is a bit flexible as the airlines promotes family travel.

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