Do you know about Turkish Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy?

Do you know about Turkish Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy?

Like every other airline, the Turkish Airlines name change or correction policy states that the passenger’s passport name should match the photo ID and should be the same. If the name printed on the ticket is unsuitable due to any typo error or if the traveller has legally changed the title after getting adopted, married or divorced, they should inform Turkish Airlines immediately and submit the required documentation like a divorce or marriage certificate before the travel date. If they cannot do anything, then the chances are high that they will not be allowed to board the flight.

Turkish Airlines name change or correction policy

The Turkish Airlines name change or correction policy is comprised of the below-listed points:

  • Turkish Airlines’ name change or correction policy never allows for any change unless:
    •  The traveller’s name is misspelt.
    • The traveller’s name is changed after buying out the ticket.
    •  If the traveller’s full name is not printed on the ticket.
  • If the misspellings exceed two characters, the addition of the last/first/middle name or the legal name will require the traveller to cancel the ticket and rebook it as per the current price.
  • The name printed on the ticket should match the government-issued ID or passport ID. Likewise, if the middle name is printed on the provided ID, it should be mentioned on the ticket too.
  • In case the name mentioned on the Awards ticket is found to be different from the name mentioned in the account ID of Miles&Smiles, then the traveller should submit the feedback form along with a copy of a valid ID, passport or any other requisite legal documentation like a divorce decree, marriage certificate, etc.
  • As per Turkish Airlines, the passenger can only travel on the ticket issued in their name.
  • The Turkish Airlines name change or correction policy applies to every fare type.
    The traveller cannot change the surname or first name but can modify them per applicable conditions.

Type of Name correction or change requests permitted with Turkish Airlines

Here is the list of conditions for Name changes or corrections permitted by Turkish Airlines:

Legal Name change or correction request:

Travelers can change or correct their name on their ticket if the reason is divorce, adoption or marriage. Below is the additional requirement you need to fulfil:

  • Submit the official government documents, attested copies and the requisite proofs.
  • The travelers can cancel the booking and look for a fresh booking with the proper credentials if required.
  • Therefore for the Turkish Airlines name change, be sure that you provide the proper marriage document proof, like a certificate and present your new and old government ID proofs to make the changes.
  • In case of divorce, you need to provide the divorce decree along with the government ID proof for requesting the name correction or changes.

Misspelt name guidelines:

Turkish Airlines can rectify the passenger name if it is misspelt. You can follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • The passenger can rectify up to four characters in the last name, middle name or first name.
  • Also, the Turkish Airlines misspelt name change or correction is inclusive of nickname and inverted name correction.
  • The traveller can also rebook their reservation in the same class if seats are available.
  • The Turkish Airlines name change or correction policy does not include changes in titles, prefixes, or suffixes.
  • Also, you should be sure that you should have government IDs to submit as proof of your request.

Turkish Airlines Name change or correction fees:

  • Airlines never charge any pre-specified fees for a name change. Either you do not have to pay any fees, or you have to pay the fare difference between the new and old ticket along with the cancellation charges.
  • If the name correction or change does not necessitate cancelling and rebooking the passenger’s reservation, Turkish Airlines may not impose any fees. However, the ultimate decision will always rest with Turkish Airlines. If no fees are still applicable, the traveler must pay the admin or ticketing service charges.
  • In case the traveler had to cancel the booking and rebook their ticket, the cancellation charges would apply for name correction or changes.

For Cancellation fees, have a look at the information provided below:

International Branded Fare:

  • The Turkish Airlines cancellation fee for PrimeFly fares is 120 Euros or $140.
  • For BusinessPrime fare, the charges are nil.

The below list of fares cannot be cancelled. Just the taxes are refundable:

  • ExtraFly and EcoFly both on Economy & Economy exceptional classes.
  • BusinessFly for Business and Business & Exceptional classes

International Non-branded fares:

The below-listed fare can be cancelled before the departure and will depend upon the route:

  • Economy Flex/Flexible
  • Business Flexible
  • Business Semi-Flexible
  • Economy Semi-Flexible

Following fares can never be cancelled:

  • Business Promotion
  • Economy Promotion

The amount of admin and ticketing services charges and the fare difference will depend on how and when the booking is made for the new ticket and the route chosen.

How can any passenger change their name on a Turkish Airlines ticket?

You can correct your name on Turkish Airlines, which will always depend on the ticket type you bought.

To make the name rectification on your cash ticket, you are required to:

  • Reach out to the sales office of Turkish Airlines nearby to your place.
  • Also, contact the travel agency who made your booking.
  • The passenger can also contact the Turkish airline desk at any airport.
  • While requesting a name change, you should have valid documentation of legal ID as the name change proof.

Name change or corrections for the Miles & Smiles Award ticket

The passenger needs to submit the feedback form to the airline
Via any of the below-listed channels:

  • Through the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Travel agency you contacted for booking.
  • Sales office for Turkish Airlines nearby to you.
  • Desk at the Turkish Airlines airport.

For this ticket, too, you need to provide a valid copy of documentation or legal id for the name change.

Turkish Airlines name change or correction policy is very much simple to understand. Lastly, The above article discusses every detail about the policy and how a traveler can rectify his mistake.

Turkish Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy: FAQs

Here are some of the FAQs related to the Turkish Airlines name change or correction policy:

Can a traveller use someone else’s ticket to travel?

No, with Turkish Airlines, you can only travel on your ticket. Changing your name on the ticket is only allowed if the person mentioned on the ticket requested name correction or change.

Is it necessary that My middle name should be mentioned in the ticket?

If your government ID has your middle name mentioned, you should enter it while booking your tickets. When boarding, the airlines will check it, and if they find any discrepancy, they can decline your passport too.

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