Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy: Unraveling the Secrets!

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Undoubtedly cancellation of flights can be any traveler’s nightmare as it can lead to many hassles like ruining your family vacation, money loss, and interfering with work schedules, especially if you are not buying out any travel insurance. It makes it more important to know why your flight is canceled. In this article about Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy we are analyzing every section in detail.

Reasons why your Spirit Airlines flight can be canceled:

There are many reasons which are beyond the control of Spirit Airlines, some of them are listed below:

  • Security Problems
  • Bad Weather
  • Mechanical Issues
  • Flight delays
  • Less staff

If you face any of the above mentioned issues, your Spirit flight can be delayed, canceled, or rescheduled. If it happens to you, you should know about Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy and what to do.

In case you are making a reservation with Spirit Airlines, you must agree with the Contract of carriage stating that you are not liable if the flight you need to board is canceled or changed. It may not be a good sign as of now but do know that Spirit Airlines offers many options for a canceled flight.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

The first action plan of Spirit Airlines is to make a booking on the next available flight toward the destination. But all of this is subject to seat selection. There is no compulsion that passengers should be making the booking on the same itinerary. You can take an example of a non-stop flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta, and you are offered a flight with a layover in Detroit. If there is no fare difference, you can rebook the flight anytime for the next seven days if the arrival and departure destinations are the same as the previous booking.

In many cases, you can also choose the option for a refund. If you cannot book any other flight or the next available option is delayed for more than two hours, then you can ask for a refund and discard the rebooking option.

Spirit Airlines always provides a full refund in case you haven’t traveled yet or some refund for whatever section that is not used if you have already started from home. You can also receive travel credit that you can use later.

If the flight you are opting for is canceled, you need to spend a night at your boarding station. Spirit Airlines will provide you the funds for accommodation if the cancellation happens because of any internal issues with the airlines.

And last, if your flight is canceled because of any unavoidable circumstance like air traffic or weather conditions, the traveler must pay for their accommodation on their own. Also, travelers are not provided with any reimbursement if they are staying at their original departure city.

Cancellation of Spirit Airlines flight due to weather

If your flight is cancelled because of severe weather conditions or any reason that is not in the control of Spirit Airlines, then you need to arrange your accommodation. Spirit Airlines will help you as much as possible and help you procure accommodation. But they will not be bearing the charges for the same. If your further journey is not required, you can opt for the flight cancellation and apply for the reservation credit to be used later.

Spirit Airways 24-hour flight Cancellation Policy

According to Spirit Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their flights within a day or 24 hours of booking. They will receive a complete refund if the flight booked departs after 168 hours or seven days. The policy applies to all fare types.

Travelers who cancel their flights after 24 hours of buying out the ticket need to pay a cancellation fee.

Spirit Airline cancellation fees

Here is the table to let you know about the Spirit Airlines flight cancellation fees in detail:

Departure TimeFees
Within 24 hours or 7 days prior to the departure0
Over 60 days prior to departure0
Within 0 to 6 days prior to departure$119
Between 7 to 30 days prior to departure$99
Between 31 to 59 days prior to departure$69

The passengers can cancel their flight one hour before departure just they need to pay a fee of $119.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for different ticket types

Below we have listed Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for three types of tickets:

Standard Tickets

Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy for the standard tickets allows them to receive full refunds if they cancel their ticket 60 days before the departure or within the 24-hour window. In case these deadlines are over and you choose to cancel your standard ticket, here are the key points:

The traveler needs to pay a cancellation fee.

The refund is provided as a reservation credit that can be used for future travel. You must know that you can only book through Spirit Airlines via these travel credits.

The reservation credits are used by only those travelers for whom they were initially issued.

Also, the traveler can cancel their reservation upto one hour before the flight departure, but then a fee is charged.

Flex Tickets

If you buy out a Flight Flex add-on, you can change your itinerary without paying any fee, but this is allowed just once. Another thing is that you will be charged if you cancel your flight. Standards charges will be applied depending upon when you choose to cancel.

Award Ticket

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for the award tickets is similar to standard access. You will be charged based on your departure date if you cancel your flight after the 24-hour window. The leftover refund points will be redeposited to your account. Award tickets can only be withdrawn via phone.

How to receive your refund from Spirit Airlines?

  • If you are not finding any flight as per your budget for rebooking, you can try booking your flight with any other airline or ask for a refund.
  • Also, you can choose to start the procedure at the counter if you are at the airport.
  • Also, you can reach out to the channels provided above. Here the additional option is to open a query or case on the Spirit Airlines client support page.
  • Do not delete any email or receipt about the flight, as there can be times when you need to send further documentation.

Spirit Airlines Reservation credits 

The reservation credits with Spirit Airlines refer to the confirmation code received by the travelers on their registered emails. It is a six-digit alphanumeric code used for buying out bags, fares and seats along with vacation packages and can be used for paying taxes, fees, etc. These reservation credits can be used through the official website of Spirit Airlines or via mobile but not through the airline’s mobile app.

How can you Redeem the Spirit Airlines Reservation Credits?

The traveler can redeem the credits online or by phone for booking their flights.

Let’s know how you can redeem your reservation credits online for booking a new flight:

  • Reach out to the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Now enter your requirements for the trip.
  • Hit the “Search Flights” tab.
  • Now follow the on-screen prompts to move further:
    • Select your flight
    • Choose the bundle
    • Now enter the traveler’s details (the details must be the same as per the cancellation email.
    • Choose the number of bags.
    • Select your seat and various other options.
  • Now reach out to the payment page:
    • Now hit on Redeem, a credit or voucher option.
    • Type your provided confirmation code in the tab. (6-digit alphanumeric code).
    • Enter to proceed forward.
    • Enter the required amount in the box for the reservation.
    • Not hit on the “Appy” tab.
  •  You must pay the left out if the new ticket is expensive.
  •   To complete your booking, you can follow the on-screen prompts.

The traveler will receive a confirmation email with the new flight credentials shortly. If any balance is left in the reservation credits, it can be seen as the credit balance.

What to do if your Spirit Airlines flight gets canceled?

If Spirit Airlines cancels the flight for the passengers, then they can use any of the below-listed options:

  • You can accept the provided rebooking option.
  • Cancel your reservation and ask for your refund. You will receive your money back towards the payment source or take it as a travel credit.
  • According to the DOT or Department of Transportation, your flight got canceled, and there is no option for rebooking, if you choose to receive your refund, the passenger is entitled to receive a complete refund inclusive of the baggage and seat selection fees. 

How can you rebook your Spirit Airlines?

If you are choosing to rebook your next available Spirit airline flight towards your original destination, then you can reach the help desk of Spirit Airlines if you have reached the airport. Else you can exercise any of the below-listed options:

  • Reach out to the “My Flight” option on the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • You can also reach out to the executives of Spirit Airlines via their chat option.
  • The passenger can send direct messages on various social media platforms too.
  • Also, you can text at 855-728-3555 or 48763 on WhatsApp.
  • Try calling customer care at 855-728-3555.

Rebooking is always one of the best if you need to reach your destination or have already made a reservation for a hotel, rental car, etc., as you will not receive a complete refund from them. You can inform these company people about your arrival as it is delayed now.

Travel Insurance

If you bought travel insurance, you are covered for flight cancellation. But before buying any travel insurance, travelers are advised to read through the fine print to ensure the flight disruption and cancellation are acceptable for all reasons. It would help if you speak to the insurance company as soon as possible when you hear about cancellation to initiate the reimbursement procedure. Many insurance companies also help passengers look for rebooking options if you have contacted them immediately.

If you have used any credit cards, like Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, also provide funds for delay coverage and cancellation. In case you have paid for the flight using the same credit card. Remember, not all the reasons are covered, and it is advised to check all the rules before filing any claim.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy Conclusion

It is never interesting news to hear about your flight cancellation. It will bring a lot of peace to you once you read our article about Spirit airlines cancellation policy. You will be glad to know that Spirit Airlines is ready to help you at every step. You can look for the next available option or even request a refund; they are happy to help you with quick solutions.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy: Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy:

What is spirit Airlines cancellation policy due to death?

The cancellation policy clearly states that if a passenger dies while travelling or before boarding the flight, a refund is provided to the next of kin for the deceased flyer ticket. For processing the refund, the nominee had to submit the death certificate copy to Spirit Airlines Guest Relations department.

Do Spirit Airlines offer a full refund for cancelled flights?

In acse your flight gets cancelled by Spirit Airlines, you can take the next available flight. The travellers can request a full refund if the alternate option does not serve their purpose.

How can anyone check their Spirit Airlines flight status?

The travelers can check the Spirit Airlines flight status by reaching out to their registered office in their city online by hitting the tab named “flight status hub” from the website or via mobile app.

What to do if my Spirit Airlines flight got cancelled at the last minute?

If your flight gets cancelled at last, you will be given an option to check-in in an alternate flight or opt for a full refund too.

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