What Are the Spirit Airlines Fees for Baggage, Change, and In-Cabin Pet? Everything You Need to Know?

Spirit Airlines Fees: Baggage, Change, Unaccompanied minor & In-cabin pet fees

Sometimes, we see the cheapest airfare flashing on our screens, urging us to book immediately. The advertisement can say you can book your flight to Los Angeles for just $30 with Spirit Airlines. But you need to understand when the airfare is so cheap, the total cost of travel from one destination to another can go further than $30. This is why you need to ensure what you are buying out, as it can be seen as relatively cheap, but then you need to pay extra for reserved seats and soft drinks. And suddenly, you will see that your $30 flight do not cost the same and, at times, even more than the flights listed by non-budget airlines. We will get deeper into all the types of Spirit Airlines fees charged for various segments.

Spirit Airlines baggage fees:

Base fare with Spirit Airlines will always include a single personal item like a purse or a laptop bag. As per Spirit Airlines, any individual item should be of measurements 45 x 35 x 20cm (Length*breadth*height) or can be a bit smaller. For larger bags, the charges are imposed. But Spirit Airlines do not publish any standard fees for bags as the charges can vary based on the route and destination you are going for. The longer you keep on waiting, the price will get higher. For example, if you choose to pay at the gate, chances are higher that you will be charged twice as much as quoted at the booking time.

Carry-on Bag1st checked bag2nd Checked bag3+ checked bag
Standard Fees
During Booking$31$26$36$81
Before Online check-in$41$36$46$91
$9 Fare Club
During Booking$40$35$45$90
Before Online check-in$50$45$55$100

Spirit Airlines extra baggage fees:

Spirit Airline’s measurements for the Checked bag, Carry-on and Personal item:

Checked bag: 

The checked bags with Spirit Airlines allow the travelers to carry a bag of utmost measurements of 62 linear inches ( length, width and height) inclusive of wheels and handles and weigh under 100 pounds. Otherwise, oversized or overweight baggage fees will be applied.

Carry-on baggage: 

The carry-on baggage should measure utmost 22*18*10 inches, including wheels and handles.

Personal Items: 

The personal item should be 18*14*8 inches, including wheels and handles.

Spirit Airlines Change fees:

Although Spirit Airlines does not offer any refundable fares to travellers, they allow some options to cancel and change reservations. If you change your reservation online, the charges can be $90, but if you choose to change your reservation on call, it can cost you $100. But even after paying the hefty fine, you will not receive your money back to your source. Instead, it will be allotted as Travel credits for later usage. There is an expiry date attached to these credits. Usually, it is a year or 365 days from the date you made your reservation.

If you opt to change your flight within a day or 24 hours of departure, then to standby to pre-pone your flight, you can pay $99. If you book any award ticket, you need to spend some more. Here the change fees will be $110. The traveler are also required to pay the fare difference if any miles are added to your changed itinerary.

How can you avoid paying Spirit Airlines change fees?

To avoid paying any change fees with Spirit Airlines then, you can take care of the below-listed option:

Try acting quickly: 

When booking any of your flights a minimum of seven days before the scheduled departure, Spirit Airline will not charge anything if you choose to cancel or change your flight within 24 hours from the time of booking. In this case, the money is refunded to the original payment source.

Try booking a Flight Flex: 

Spirit Airlines offers an insurance program known as Flight Flex that will allow you to modify your flight a single time without paying any change fees.

Remember that the Flight Flex program with Spirit Airlines also has fees attached, depending on the flight. If you are boarding a flight for 75$ from San Francisco to Las Vegas, the price for opting for the Flight Flex program can be $55. There are also some restrictions that you need to deal with Flight Flex, inclusive that it allows only a single time change, and the passenger has to make the desired changes within 24 hours before the departure of your flight. If there will be any fare difference, then the traveller is entitled to pay the same as well.

Is opting for Flight Flex worth it?

We can understand the same by taking an example If you are Changing a $75 flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas to a new flight at $95. For the flight and the Flight Flex insurance, you must have paid $ 130$ now; for changing flights, you need to pay $20 extra. The total cost of changing flights will be $150 for a $95 new flight.

Opting for trip insurance is much better than paying for Flight Flex, especially if your credit card is paying for the travel insurance on your behalf.

Spirit Airlines Advanced Seat Selection

If you want to avoid sitting on an uncomfortable or middle seat or in case you need a guarantee that you will be sitting next to your kid, it will cost you if you choose your seat in advance. Spirit Airlines do not publish a seat assignment list because it can vary from flight to flight. The Spirit seat selection starts from $5, and the seats like “Big Front Seats” are provided and have a lot of legroom can cost you about $40. The emergency exit row coveted seats can cost you $20. You need to check every time you travel with Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Fees: In-cabin pet:

Spirit Airlines, for every pet container, charges $110, and in a single cabin, only four pets can be placed at a time. The Airlines allows the traveler to keep two pets in the container. Spirit Airlines do not allow pets to be transported in cargo, so you must only travel in-cabin.

There are many other limitations intact with the pets too. They need to be small as the container must be fitted under the front sear. And the size of the pet should be such that it can turn around inside the container. Also, the carrier and pet’s combined weight should be 40 pounds.

Spirit Airlines Advanced Seat Selection:

You do not need to pay anything for online check-in with Spirit Airlines. On check-in, you can give the command to print in the boarding pass. But if you fail or forget to do so and have arrived at the airport, you need to pay $2. 

If you choose to bypass the kiosk, the price can be $10, as an airport agent must get it printed. Spirit Airlines can waive the fees in some circumstances, like if you are travelling with a lap infant, you are an accompanied minor, possess a military ID and cannot check-in in online mode.

Spirit Airlines Fees: In-flight refreshments:

The charges for in-flight alcoholic beverages and food are similar in most airline brands. However, some airlines do provide complimentary in-flight drinks and snacks. But with Spirit Airlines, there are charges intact with everything.

Spirit Airlines Fees: Security Access and Priority Boarding:

For additional charges, you can get through quick security access and be the first to board the flight. The costs can start from $7.99. Spirit Airlines’ “Shortcut Boarding” provides access to priority boarding in the second zone. You can pay the “shortcut security” fees depending on the airport where the traveller departs. Price will vary from airport to airport, but it is at most $20, but not every detail needs to offer the shortcut security program.

Spirit Airlines Fees: Unaccompanied Minor

Do know that if your kid is flying alone, the charges are extra, accounting for $100. The unaccompanied minor charges if your kid is 5-14 years old. Spirit Airlines will provide your kid with a complimentary drink and snack worth $6. Spirit Airlines never allow minors to fly alone if they are four or younger or if they are traveling via connecting fight domestic, or international flight.

We have tried to list the entire fee structure for Spirit Airlines. Travelers who are booking with Spirit Airlines should know about it before making up their booking.

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