Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi for the Business Class Travelers

Southwest offering Free Wi-Fi to the Business Class Travelers

Southwest Airlines is known to be one of the low-cost carriers globally, and as per their recent news the customers booking the Business select Fares are able to enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi services while travelling. Do know that Business fares refer to the seating arrangement for A-1 to 15, and they are also provided with a free drink every time. In this article we will learn about Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi being offered to the passengers and the credit card that can help in reimbursing the Wi-Fi fees.

Apart from the Wi-Fi facility for Business, select the passengers. Apart from the Wi-Fi connection, all passengers will be eligible for standby without paying anything on another flight just the way full fare and elite and the travelers who book “Wanna Get Away Plus” fares do all the time. 

To make it accessible to all clients, Southwest offers the standby option via their mobile app and official website. It will make the procedure easier and accessible to every. Also, it will allow the customers to book high-end flights and let them consider their options.

These initiatives suggest that Southwest Airlines is making all possible efforts for their customers and improving their services in the “Wanna Get Away Package”.

Many Airlines, like Jet Blue and Delta Airlines, already include Wi-Fi facility services. As the standby services evolve and customers consider them before booking, it will add to the fare additional benefits.

Are wifi services paid or free with Southwest Airlines?

The price of Wi-Fi always depends on the requirements of the passengers. Many online activities can be allowed for free on Southwest Airlines, and they are inclusive of the following:

  • On-demand entertainment.
  • Whatsapp
  • Live TV
  • Messaging
  • Music (iHeartRadio)

If you are looking for a great internet experience or need more data, consider buying out the internet at $8 for every device on the flight. Southwest Airlines charges for every flight for internet is $8. If you are having a layover with two legs, you need to pay $16 for connectivity on both flights.

To ensure internet connectivity, Southwest Airlines chose to block many high-bandwidth applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, HBO Max and Netflix.

How to upgrade your reservation for Southwest Airlines free Wi-fi?

It is great to have access to wi-fi while travelling with Southwest Airlines. Let’s have a look at many ways to reduce your cost of internet access:

Elite Status:

Southwest Airlines has two categories for elite status: A-List & A-List preferred. The benefits are less premium than exciting as passengers receive on American Airlines, but still, you can receive some perks. The passenger travelling specifically with the A-List preferred status can access Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi on all flights, including international ones.

Getting through the elite status with Southwest Airlines is relatively easy, as the traveller selects to qualify for base points or several flights every year.

Elite Status A-list: 35,0000 Tier-qualifying points or 25 flights 

Elite A-List Preferred: 70,000 Tier-Quaifying points or 50 flights.

Credit Cards:

This is another way the traveler can receive Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi if you carry the right credit card. Starting with the Southwest Performance Business Review card has an annual fee of $199, allowing travelers to enjoy 365 Wi-Fi credits every year. It means that the passenger can fly for 365 legs and does not need to pay any extra money for Wi-Fi. If you cannot use all the 365 credits, you can offer free Wi-Fi to your seat mates.

There are many options for passengers who want something other than a business card. They can have a general card for additional benefits. Many travel credit cards provide credits for offset charges, and it can sometimes extend to Wi-fi charges. Do know that these types of credits will depend upon the card issues. You can consider some of them:

Bank of America:

The Premium Rewards credit card issued by Bank of America has an annual fee of $95; in return, you can look for many benefits, and they are inclusive of:

  • Car rental insurance
  • For every dollar you spend on dining and travel, you will be offered 2 points,
  • 1.5 points are offered for every dollar spent on other activities
  • $100 TSA Precheck or Global Entry credit
  • $100 for airline incidental credit annually


The Citi Prestige card is not available for Newbies, but if you already have it in your wallet, it will be a boon. The card imposes an annual fee of $250 for travel credits and permits utilization for purchases such as hotels, car rentals, and air tickets. You can apply these credits to reimburse all the payments you make.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

In the sector of Award travel, the Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of the best cards and is known for providing outstanding travel credits. The card has a fee of $550, and travelers can also expect many benefits, including a $300 travel credit every year and airport lounge access.

The credit card is quite simple to use. The Flyers can buy our flights, hotels, Wi-Fi and can use the credits to pay for rental cars and checked baggage.

Southwest Airlines Wi-fi

If you are a leisure flyer or go on frequent business trips, having inflight Wi-Fi can be a good option. The Southwest Airlines Wi-fi is available on the flight, and if you need heavy downloads or more access, you need to pay. Southwest Airlines allows the traveler to pay $8 for every flight. If you want the reimbursement of the Wi-Fi charges, then the above-listed cards can significantly help you.

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