Do you know about Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy?

Southwest Airlines name change policy

Southwest Airlines name change policy is created to help passengers to rectify their names up to four characters. There are also no third-party travel agents. Southwest Airlines also do not allow ownership change for travellers in their existing PNR. If this is the case with you, you have to cancel your booking, provide a refund, and book a new flight with the right passenger name, but it is all subject to availability. Here are some of the rules and regulations for you to help you in rectifying your name change:

According to the name change policy of Southwest Airways, the name change is only allowed under legal issues. The legal name situation can be a name change after divorce or marriage. Southwest Airlines consider these situations as viable for supporting the name change.

Southwest Airlines Name Correction: 

The airline allows up to 4 characters of the traveller’s last name, first name, or middle name to be corrected. These 4 characters should never be misunderstood for every last, first and middle name; instead, it will always be a combination of all.

Here are some of the key highlights of the Southwest Airlines name change policy:

  • The ownership of the existing PNR will never be transferred.
  • The Southwest name change on the booking can never be requested for all the rapid reward owners and can be subjected to the frequent flyer contract.
  • After completing the Southwest Airlines name change fees, the ticket is issued to the traveller and sent to the registered email id. The fare difference needs to be paid as a fee for a name change.
  • The name change policy will be allowed for the flight segment for bookings that include the flight from various codeshare or interline agreement partners.
  • Once the name rectification request is executed, the traveller can choose the new seats. And it is never possible for them to swap seats between the previous and new PNR.

According to the Southwest name change policy, the various flight segments associated with the incorrect name must be cancelled just to avoid no-shows, and the booking can be claimed to add a refund to the wallet and revert to the source as per the airline’s policy.

Southwest Airlines Name Change on Ticket:

Below we have listed the important points to cover for rectifying the name of Southwest Airlines on your ticket:

Before the issuance of the ticket:

According to the Southwest Airlines name change policy, the traveller’s middle, last and first names can be rectified by up to 4 characters. 

The space rectification between the last, first and middle name will be counted, and the title for the four characters will be corrected according to the Southwest Airlines name change policy.

Do know that any request for changing traveller type code or PTC, gender, Date of Birth, or even adding any kid or infant will not be honoured as per the name change policy and will be considered under the re-issuance request.

Name change or correction requests for over four characters are always requested by contacting the Southwest Airlines contact number.

A legal document must support name changes for after-marriage requests for Southwest Airlines.

Once the ticket is already issued:

According to the Southwest Airlines name change policy, the bookings are non-transferable. The printed name cannot be altered unless there is any legal document to prove the name change, like divorce or marriage.

The Southwest Airlines name change documents can be submitted by contacting customer care at Southwest Airlines. The travellers can provide the legal documentation photocopies reflecting the new legal name and Rapid reward membership number.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy: Fees

The name change or correction fee for Southwest Airlines is $150. The fee will be collected if the request for the name change is placed within 24 hours of reservation. Travellers can look for related photocopies of the proofs or other types of information to showcase the correct legal name.

Once the 24 hours are over, the name rectification of up to 4 characters can be made with Southwest Airlines for the $200 fee. Once the name correction is completed, a new ticket is re-issued and re-booked in the higher or same class in the same cabin. On re-issuance of the ticket in the higher category, the difference in fare is applied.

Procedure for changing a name on Southwest Airlines Ticket

Here is the procedure for how you can apply for the Southwest Airways name change on call as well as online:

Southwest Airlines Name change online:

You need to follow the below-listed steps to change your name with Southwest Airlines:

  • Reach out to the official website of Southwest Airlines and hit on “Manage Booking” to proceed ahead.
  • For the next page, you can select the “Change name” tab to request the name change or correction for the booking.
  • A name correction or change can be requested for the Business Select and Anytime fares.
  • Now you can rectify your name and make your desired modification up to 4 characters for last, first and middle name.
  • The name change fee is applicable along with the difference in fare.
  • Upon completing the request, the travelers are sent a new confirmation email. The traveler can select their seats and check in again.

Southwest Name Change on call or phone

The traveller can reach us by calling the customer care number. Let’s have a look at how you can go forward with the Southwest Name change on the phone:

  • You must have your six-digit reference number while starting a call with Southwest Airlines professionals.
  • To change your name, the agent will ask you to submit photocopies of the legal documentation supporting your name change.
  • You can also request the name change in character up to 4 characters in combination with your last, first and middle name.
  • The traveller had to pay for the fare difference and the name change fees.
  • Upon completing the request, the traveller will receive a new email with confirmation and other details.

How to rectify a misspelt name on your Southwest ticket?

If there is a misspelling or typo in your middle or first name on the reservation, you can fix it by visiting the Southwest App or

Through Desktop

To proceed forward, select the Flight/Car/hotel/vacations web link on the front navigation and select “Manage Reservations” from the flight column. Now, enter all the details in the requisite fields and then hit on the search tab. Travelers eligible to change their name will check the “edit name” tab beside it.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

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Always remember one thing: if you have already checked in, you must check in all over again. To successfully update your name, you must reach the “Manage Reservation” page.

Through Mobile

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

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You need to reach out to the hamburger icon from the top left section and then select reservations. Now type your confirmation number, last and first name and hit on Retrieve reservation. Travelers who change their name will see an edit pencil next to the title. If you are not eligible for change or correction, the name will not be allowed to edit or appear disabled.

Things to know for Southwest Airlines name change policy

In case you are pursuing the Southwest Name Change on the ticket, there are a few things that you should know for applying name correction:

  • If you wish to change the flight, know you can do it only once. All kinds of changes will happen just once for a flight.
  • As a traveller, you will always be allowed to rectify the spelling of your name, but never a full name is allowed to change.
  • If you are changing the traveller’s official name, you need to send the legal documentation for the same. Prior permission is required before going for a name change.
  • All types of name changes can be done 24 hours before the departure.

How to check your eligibility for the Southwest Name change procedure?

The below-listed travellers are never eligible for name change or correction:

  • Travellers who have purchased an extra seat.
  • Passengers who have opted for name correction once they have checked in their luggage.
  • Travellers for whom the Rapid Reward number is already included in the reservation.
  • Passengers whose flights are departing within 90 minutes for international routes and 60 minutes for domestic routes.
  • Travellers if travelling on group bookings.
  • Passengers using partially used itineraries.
  • For Lap children

Southwest Airlines is one of the best airlines with a crystal clear policy for travelers. The Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy above will help you in rectifying your name. The above article will help you reach out to Southwest Airlines and show how you change your name with the airline. Click here if you are looking for Southwest Airline flight change or cancellation policy.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy: Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Southwest Airlines name change policy:

How can I correct or change my name on my Southwest ticket?

When you need to change the name on the reservation, the client relations section is where you need to check out the right tools. The customers can reach out to Southwest executives at 1-855-234-4654.

What are the fees that a customer needs to pay for changing your name on Southwest?

The fee for name correction with Southwest Airlines is $150 if the request is placed within 24 hours.

How to rectify a misspelt name on your Southwest ticket?

If there is a misspelling or typo in your middle or first name on the reservation, you are allowed to fix on visiting the Southwest App or by visiting

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