Do you know about Southwest Airlines Flight Change or Cancellation policy

Southwest Airlines Flight Change or Cancellation policy

Once you book your flight, it is common for people to think, what if the ticket was booked at a lower price? The situation is usually true if you buy tickets for the complete family. Many United States airlines also charge heavy fees of $200-150, but as per Southwest Airlines Flight Change or Cancellation policy, there is no applied fees. Also, you will find that Southwest Airlines’ policies are very super-friendly.

You will be booking the flights with the help of a credit card or cash with the points that Southwest Airlines will allow the passenger to rebook the flight and bring back the fare difference. Like any other airline that tends to offer waivers for change fees, especially to the elite status travelers. The Southwest Airlines allows the passengers to rebook their flight regardless of the type of fare paid.

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation

Southwest Airlines offers four types of fares, i.e., Wanna Get Away Plus, Business Select, Wanna Get Away, and Anytime. The refund policy is different for all these fares. Many travelers make Wanna Get Away Plus fares or Wanna Get Away bookings as reasonable fare types, but neither is refundable.

Southwest Airlines Policy for Wanna Get Away Tickets

Do know that Southwest Airlines offers strict rules and regulations for the Wanna Get Away tickets for cancellation that Business Select and Anytime fares. As per the Southwest flight change policy, you can change the flight even 10 minutes before the departure without paying any penalty. The ticket value will be added to travel funds and must be used within a year of purchase.

Southwest Airlines flight Change Policy for Business Select and Anytime tickets

The Southwest flight Change policy always allows the passengers to make the desired changes to Business Select and Anytime tickets up to 10 minutes before the departure without paying any extra charges. If you do not want to make any changes to your existing booking and do not board it, your ticket value will be changed into the Travel funds. You can use these funds within a year from the purchase date. If you bought the tickets via Rapid Reward points, these points will be redeposited to the traveler’s account.

Southwest Airline’s procedure for flight Change

Travelers can change their Southwest Flight via online mode or phone:

  • Reach out to the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Now hit the cancel or change button.
  • Your previous booking will be retrieved upon entering your name and confirmation number. The change flight tab will be chosen as default so that you can leave it.
  • Now click on the search tab.
  • Select the Southwest flight you would like to change and then hit on “select new flights.” If you have bought the round-trip tickets, then your return and departure destination will appear in front of you.
  • Select your flight and then make the changes and confirm them.

If you are making a third-party booking via a travel website or agency, speak to them to make the due change to the booking.

Southwest Flight Change Policy for International Flights

If you are looking forward to changing your International flight itinerary, you can apply the same procedure as above. The passenger will not be charged any additional fees, but yes, the fare difference will be applicable.

Southwest’s Flight Change Policy: Fare Class Changes Made Easy

There are a few exceptions if you are changing between various fare classes. If you change your fare class from any time to Business Select, the ticket value of the previous ticket will be converted to reusable travel funds. If you are making any change within 24 hours, then the traveler needs to pay some additional funds, and charges will be applied to the new fare too.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change or Cancellation Policy for 24-hours

If you are making changes on the same day or within 24 hours, then you can contact Southwest Airlines at 1-800-435-9792 or even request the agent present at the airport desk to help you out. Do know that travelers cannot book any international flights online 120 minutes before departure.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change or Cancellation Policy for various irregular operations

According to the Southwest Airways flight cancellation or change policy, travelers are allowed to make any change to their international flights affected by difficult weather conditions or any other similar circumstances that are not under the airline’s control. In such situations, you are allowed to speak to the customer care team of the airline for an instant solution.

Southwest Airlines flight change or Cancellation fees

Southwest Airlines never charges change fees for bookings made with points or cash. If you cancel your flight bought with the Rapid Rewards points, the points will be credited back to the account. The charged government security fees will be reverted to the dedicated travel funds. The traveler can use these points later; you just need to note down the confirmation number to use it later.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

Southwest Airlines never permits any name changes on boarding passes unless there are some valid reasons, like the last name being changed due to marriage or divorce. One of the ways is to cancel your flight tickets within a day or 24 hours of booking and then rebook your ticket with the correct name.

If there is any requirement for a name change, you can contact customer care and provide them with the documentation. The documentation, such as marriage license, Photo ID proof, etc, can be submitted.

How can you seek a refund from Southwest Airlines?

Receiving a refund on the cancellation of a Southwest Airlines flight depends on the ticket type you booked and the medium you used to purchase the tickets, like Rapid Reward points or Cash. Also, there are many add-ons, for example, Early bird boarding, that are considered to be non-refundable. If the traveler cancels their flight and has already bought an Earlybird boarding, the price paid for the add-on is non-refundable.

Flight booking via Rapid Reward points

The Southwest cancellation policy is quite reasonable with the award tickets. If you cancel the flight booking with the reward points, you will receive the full refund automatically in the form of points. Also, if you have paid any fees or taxes along with the Rapid Rewards points, they will be credited back to the original payment source or refunded as travel funds.

Flight booked via Cash:

The ticket type “Wanna get away” is primarily the lowest-priced fare, and the passenger only receives the funds if they decide to cancel. The same guidelines stand for “Wanna Get Away plus” tickets.

Suppose you prefer to receive your money credited to the payment source without receiving it through credit or voucher. In that case, the traveler must book a Business selection or Anytime ticket from Southwest Airlines because Southwest Airlines allows the traveler to choose the medium to receive the refunds for their payment.

Also, you can buy out the travel insurance or even pay for your booking with the help of a credit card and seek insurance benefits too. It will allow you to cancel the flight and seek a refund. Just ensure that the policy you choose should cover the cancellations too.

FAQs for Southwest Airlines Flight Change or Cancellation policy

Here are some of the FAQs related to Southwest Airlines Flight Change or Cancellation Policy:

Does Southwest Airlines allow the traveler to change the date of the flight?

The policy allows travelers to change the flight date per the guidelines.

Does Southwest Airlines allow travelers to change their travel destination?

The passenger can change the destination per the Southwest flight change policy to any other location. Although you need to pay the difference in fare. If your new flight is cheaper than the previous one, then the travel funds will be added to your account.

How can any traveler request a refund from Southwest Airlines?

To request a refund from Southwest Airlines, you need to reach out to customer care or can visit the official website too.

How many times does Southwest Airlines allow the traveler to make any changes?

There is no limit to making the changes in Southwest Airlines. If the new flight is a bit expensive, the traveler must pay the fare difference.

Is there any timeline for making changes to your flight?

You can cancel or change your flight 10 minutes before your departure time. For example, if your flight departs at 9:30 A.M., you must cancel or change your flight to 9:20 A.M. If you cannot cancel, change, or board the flight, then your booking will be subjected to a no-show policy.

What’s the no-show policy of Southwest Airlines?

If you cannot cancel your booking 10 minutes before your departure time, your booking will stand cancelled. If you booked your flight via Anytime or Business Select tickets, you will receive your refund as travel credits for later use. The Wanna Get Away or Plus fares will be forfeited.

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