JetBlue Seat Selection Policy: How to Get the Best Seats?

JetBlue Seat Selection policy

You are ready to travel to your destination, but do you know your seat location on the flight? Yes, JetBlue allows the user to choose the seat before boarding, but it will always depend upon the ticket fare he has chosen and his elite status. We will discuss everything related to the JetBlue seat selection policy in this article and all the details you need to know before picking your favorite seat on the plane.

A brief about JetBlue Seat Selection Policy:

Have a look at the below-listed pointers to know about the JetBlue seat selection policy in detail:

  • Right now JetBlue seat selection policy does not permit the airlines to book seats in advance without paying any additional costs.
  • The airline can pick up any random seat for you if you cannot reserve any seat.
  • Passengers buying out JetBlue Blue basic class fare can select their seat 24 hours before departure. They can also bring a carry-on with them. Also, these travelers are allowed to board the flight last.
  • Travelers can also inquire about any seat adjustments or queries regarding the seat selection policy at the airport.
  • Twenty-four hours or a day before departure, the airlines can charge the passenger a seat selection fee ranging from $5 to $25.
  • The fluctuation in the fare range of JetBlue seat selection is because of the chosen travel route or fare class.
  • Once you make your bookings with JetBlue, you are eligible for the selection of your seat.

For further inquiries, you can call the client hotline or even visit the official website for instant assistance.

How can you make your seat selection with Jet Airways?

It feels very comfortable if you can fly in your favorite seat. As per the JetBlue seat selection policy all travelers are eligible to select their seats before making their reservations. The passengers should reach out to “Manage Trips” on the official website of JetBlue. Select the “Choose Seat” option to look for your flight.

Via Phone:

  • The traveler can call up the client support of JetBlue Airlines to start the procedure for seat selection.
  • Do know that you must pay attention to the IVR options while on call.
  • Also, choose the right button for contacting the client care representative.
  • You can provide the ticket information to the agent who attended you.
  • Also, provide your preferred details.
  • Going further, choose the requisite payment procedure and make the transaction for your seat.
  • Both the methods listed above will help you book your seat with JetBlue Airways. You can choose any of them at your convenience.

Via website:

  • The travelers can proceed further as per the instructions listed below:
  • Look for the official website of JetBlue Airways.
  • Hit the “Manage Trip” tab placed on the notification bar of the website.
  • Now select the “Find Flight” tab to proceed further.
  • You can see your reservation seat now; select the one based on the JetBlue Airways seat diagram showcased in front of you.
  • You can pay the transaction for JetBlue seat selection fees.
  • Ultimately, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline with your new seat details.

JetBlue Seat Selection policy: Fee

If you look forward to booking your preferred seat with JetBlue Airways, you should know their charges. The travelers are allowed to pay about $5 to $25 for every side. To know about the right amount, contact the customer care team of JetBlue Airways.

JetBlue Airways ticket types:

In all, JetBlue offers five fare classes to meet the requirements of all travelers with varied budgets and requirements. Every fare class has some benefits attached to them and some restrictions they must adhere to. You should know about all the options before making your bookings:

Basic economy:

The first category, basic economy, refers to the airlines’ Blue Basic fares. These tickets have many restrictions, so they are priced at the lowest. Blue Basic tickets never allow the passenger to carry a carry-on bag, as a fee is attached.

Also, travelers booking with JetBlue Airways cannot book before 24 hours of the scheduled departure. Also, there is a fee of about $200 to $100 for canceling our many changes. These types of fares will allow you to earn 1x Base TrueBlue points compared to 3x points for any other types of fares.


The core tickets are known to be the standard economy seats on the airlines. Travelers buying Blue Extra, Blue or Blue Plus select those seats while choosing the flights at any time or check-in before departure. The advantages of every fare class can vary, but these three will include no charges and a carry-on bag for canceling or making changes. These fare type will allow you to earn 3x points for traveling. Blue extra tickets can offer many benefits that will not include fees for same-day standby or switches, priority security access and early boarding at various airports.

Even More Space

This category will allow the traveler to enjoy 7 inches for extra legroom, priority boarding, and other benefits. Also, Blue Basic fares will never include seat selection, and these travelers can upgrade to travel even more space for extra charges and choose their available seats.


This category refers to the premium cabin seats for the airlines. These seats will feature lie-flat seats with massage features and adjustable firmness. There are three further categories related to the Mint class:

  • Mint
  • Mint Studios
  • Mint Suites

Travelers booking the Mint category will enjoy high-end dining, varied options of artisan wine, Needle & tuft sleeping kits, etc. It is a true luxury.

JetBlue seat selection policy for elite travelers:

The JetBlue TrueBlue loyalty program elite members are known as Mosaic members. Do know that there are about four levels of Mosaic Elite status, based on the number of tiles any traveler earns. Mosaic members are allowed to upgrade the tickets to the “Even More Space” type without paying any extra money, but it will always be subject to availability. Level 1 members can upgrade their seats while check-in and level 2 and other higher members can get “Even more space” seats while booking.

The Mosaic 3 allows travelers to receive four certificates to upgrade their bookings to Mint seating if seats are available. Mosaic 4 travelers are allowed to have 2 additional certificates. 

JetBlue Advance Seat Selection

JetBlue allows the travelers to choose their seats in advance. Below, we have stated the selection process for booking JetBlue seats in advance:

Select your seat while buying your ticket

When you book your flight with JetBlue, you can choose the seat while booking. But you can also select the seat later if you cannot request seat assignments with JetBlue while booking.

Booking seats on paying extra money

JetBlue offers many seating arrangements, including additional legroom seats, Mint seats and standard seats. The seat price will depend on your selected seat type and flight itinerary.

Seat Selection available for 24 hours before the departure

The traveler can log to their JetBlue account and choose their seats upto 24 hours before the flight’s departure time. If you cannot select any seat by then, the traveler will be assigned a seat automatically during check-in.

JetBlue seat selection as per availability

JetBlue allows the traveler to choose a seat, but its availability is subject to change. If the flight you booked is complete, then the chances are high that you will not be provided with your preferred seat.

Families travelling with children are the priority

The airlines ensure that families, especially those with young children, should sit together. If you are travelling with your child below 14 years of age, you will be given priority for selecting the seats.

The JetBlue advanced seat selection procedure is relatively straightforward, and the JetBlue offers different seating types to meet the requirements of the travelers.

How can you book extra seats on JetBlue?

  • While performing the flight search, you can type the number of empty seats you want in the box where you need to mention the number of travelers. Let’s take an example: if you are traveling alone, you can block the seat next to you by entering two adults. If you are traveling with a kid, you can mention 2 adults and a kid.
  • Choose the flight from various search results. The seats, including the extra ones, must be booked under the same fare category.
  • Now continue to the traveler detail page and enter the travelers’ details. You will find a checkbox that you need to tick for empty. Once you hit the checkbox, a drop-down will open to know that the empty seat will be beside the traveler.
  • Now continue to the seat selection and select all your seats from the map on the itinerary.

JetBlue offers amazing seat selection policies for travelers. It is crystal clear, so everyone can select their preferred seats when required. If you have any issues, feel free to contact the customer care of JetBlue Airways. The above article for JetBlue seat selection policy will guide you through the complete procedure.

JetBlue Seat Selection Policy: Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the list of FAQs related to the JetBlue Seat Selection Policy:

What happens if you cannot select any seat with JetBlue Airlines?

If you have a confirmed booking, you will surely get a seat. If you cannot select any seat in advance, then the only available seat with JetBlue is the Even More Space seats. You do not need to pay any extra charges for the same.

Do you need to pay to select a seat on JetBlue Basic?

To select your perfect seat with the Blue Basic, you must pay additional fees ranging from $5 to $25 from each side. If you do not want to pay any further costs, you should wait for 24 hours before the departure time of your flight.

Do JetBlue Airlines allow families to sit together?

Families wanting to have their seating assignment together can speak to the crewmembers at the gate and let them know about the situation. They will do whatever they can to provide the best seating solution. But still, we cannot guarantee in advance about the seating assignments.

JetBlue changed my seat, but why?

Once you are asked by any gate agent or flight attendant to change your seat, it is usually to allow families to sit together or to accommodate an airline or caregivers who want to sit next to their patients.

Are JetBlue seats quite big?

JetBlue is also known as a trailblazer in America as they have spacious aircraft seats. The seats also vary as per aircraft type, and the airlines offer ample legroom of 38 inches in their standard economy fare class.

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