JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy: What You Need to Know?

JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy: Award tickets, 24-hour window & Refunds

It doesn’t matter which airline you are using for booking your flight, you should know about the policies of the brand you are flying. There can be any plan changes at the last minute. If you fly the JetBlue Airline, this article is right for you. You should know about the JetBlue Airlines cancellation policy as it can vary with the type of ticket the traveler has bought or who is opting for cancellation, whether it’s the airline or the passenger.

Reasons behind the cancellation of JetBlue flights

Changing flights can happen all the time. The JetBlue flights can be canceled or delayed for varied reasons, inclusive of:

  • Staffing problems
  • Bad weather
  • Air traffic control cancellations
  • Mechanical issues

Always keep track of cancellation procedures if there is a cancellation of flights you should know about. 

If JetBlue Airlines cancels the flight

There can be unexpected changes in airline schedules that can cause cancellations or delays. It can be quite upsetting if your flights are canceled; the best news is that you can have a look at the federal protection for the passengers regarding issuing refunds.

As per the DOT or Department of Transportation, if the airlines cancel the flights for any reason and the passengers do not want to rebook any other aircraft, they are entitled to a refund for the ticket. This holds even for the non-refundable fare types.

In case JetBlue is canceling the flight, and you already have a confirmed reservation with them, here are some of the options that you check:

  • Travelers can choose the next available JetBlue flight without paying anything extra.
  • Also, receive travel credits from JetBlue airlines
  • If a refund is opted for, the payment is sent to the source if the passenger does not rebook his flight in the next two hours.

You can decide which option is suitable for you.

According to the customer Bill of Rights, cancellations arising from controllable irregularity are eligible for due compensation. Here are the two scenarios for you:

  • If flight cancellation is within 4 hours of departure, the credit is $50.
  • If the flight cancellation is after the scheduled departure, the credit is $100.

Also, the travelers can qualify for a meal voucher of $12 for reasonable overnight accommodation or/and transit from and to the accommodation. Passengers are allowed to review the customer service of JetBlue for more guidance and information to claim their compensation.

If JetBlue can cancel the flight, you can change your return or outbound flight for the trip duration.

JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy for elective Flight change

In case the traveler cancels their JetBlue flight, then here are the credentials that he should know:

24-hour JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy

If the passengers at JetBlue cancel the flight within a day or 24 hours of booking, it will not charge any cancellation fee if the booking was made seven days before the departure. If you have made an error while making your reservation or change your plan, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours to avoid paying any cancellation fees. Remember, this rule is never applied to JetBlue vacation reservations.

JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy for fare types

Depending upon the type of fare the passengers have purchased, they are charged cancellation or change fees. All types of fares other than Blue Basic are allowed to be canceled by the travelers without paying any cancellation fees in case the travelers opt to cancel before the scheduled departure. The travelers will be responsible for paying the fare difference if they rebook their flights.

For Blue Basic fare, the cancellation and booking changes are allowed as per the fees listed below:

  • Caribbean, Central America, North America: $100
  • Other destination: $200

JetBlue Refund Policies based on the Fare Types

If you cancel your JetBlue flight before the scheduled departure, the refund will depend upon the type of fare bought. Here are the fare types:

Refundable fares

The refund is provided for the original form of payment for the canceled flights before the set departure. In case the traveler opts for cancellation and the flight has already departed, the unused funds will be allocated to the travel credits. The travel credits are valid for booking any future flights; these credits will expire 12 months from the booking date.

Non-refundable fares

The per-person charges for cancellation are applied for the flights canceled before the set departure date. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the travel credit, and the passenger can book their flight within 12 months of making the reservation using these credits. Therefore money is forfeited for these types of tickets if cancellations or changes are not made before the set departure.

Missed or No show flight

Refundable fares can be canceled or charged before the set departure time for receiving the refund towards the payment source. If your flight with JetBlue is missed, the money paid for the reservation will be reverted as credits. These credits are valid for up to 12 months and can be used for future travel.

Partially Used Reservation:

If you want to cancel your remaining travel when you have already consumed some portion of the refundable trip, the refundable amount will equal a one-way fare for the trip portion. It will also be applied to the portion not handled by JetBlue Airlines.

JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy: Award Tickets

The cancellation policy for JetBlue Airlines is applied to the award tickets too. The points are allotted to the travelers if they cancel their award ticket. Remember to cancel your flight before their set departure else the points are forfeited. JetBlue passengers who choose to cancel or change their flight via online chat or on-call are charged a refundable fee of $25 per person. The best way by which you can avoid paying these extra fees is to make online changes at the official website of JetBlue.

Same-day Switch

If your plan is still on, but you have issues with the current booking. Instead of canceling, JetBlue customers can look for a same-day switch on paying $75. No difference in fares is applied. The same-day switch will be allowed by adjusting the travel to a later or earlier flight for the same day as you have originally booked.

How can a traveler cancel their JetBlue Flight Booking?

The traveler can cancel their booking by following the below-listed steps:

For the tickets bought online via JetBlue’s mobile app, call centre, website or ticket counter:

  • If you have done it online, contact and hit Manage Trips. 
  • Now retrieve your booking, choose it and then opt for cancellation by following the on-screen prompts.
  • The traveller can also call +1-844-933-2065 and speak to the executive for their queries.
  • If tickets are bought from any travel agent, the traveller must contact them for further action.
  • For an Award ticket, the traveler can reach out to TrueBlue directly.

How to receive a refund on JetBlue flight Cancellation?

If there is any situation with you and you need to cancel your JetBlue flight and receive your refund, then here are the quick steps to follow for a refund as per the JetBlue airlines cancellation policy

  • Login to your JetBlue account and choose the “Manage Trips” tab.
  • Choose the trip you are looking for a refund.
  • Hit on the “cancel” tab and initiate your refund procedure.

Follow the above-listed steps to receive your refund for your flight cancellation.

Lastly, if you are traveling with JetBlue Airlines, cancel your flight before its scheduled departure to claim your full refund. As many bookings get stuck, airlines can take time to clear the air. Therefore, it is best to cancel your flight as soon as possible if you do not have any plans to board it.

JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy: Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of FAQs related to the JetBlue Airlines cancellation policy:

What is Jet Blue’s cancellation policy if the tickets are booked via points?

For TrueBlue points, JetBlue’s cancellation policy can only allow you to cancel the ticket if you are trying to cancel any unused flight segment. The points will be reverted to the traveler’s TrueBlue account on cancelling your booking.

If the booking is cancelled by JetBlue Airlines, then how will a traveler receive the refund?

As per the JetBlue refund policy for the flight cancellation due to JetBlue airlines, the traveller can ask for a refund to the source or in the form of JetBlue Travel Bank credit if their flight is not rebooked in the next 120 minutes.

What is the JetBlue Airlines cancellation policy in 2023?

The JetBlue cancellation policy for all types of bookings (will not include Blue Basic), and the airlines can cancel without paying any charges. The Blue Basic tickets for Central America, the U.S. and the Caribbean are cancelled on paying $100; for the other routes, the price is $200.

What is the JetBlue cancellation policy for JetBlue Blue fares?

For JetBlue Blue Basic fares, as per the JetBlue cancellation policy, the ticket can be cancelled for $100 if the passenger travels in Central America, the United States and the Caribbean. The passengers need to pay $200 on other various routes.

What is the JetBlue cancellation policy for JetBlue Extra fares?

For JetBlue extra fares, as per the JetBlue cancellation policy, the booking can be cancelled without penalty or free of cost unless the traveler cancels the ticket before its scheduled departure.

If my JetBlue flight is cancelled, can I refund my international taxes?

For international destinations, most of the time, taxes are nonrefundable. But in some cases, the cancellation of a single flight for the international itinerary will be subjected to increased taxes.

What will happen to my car rentals if my JetBlue vacation package is cancelled?

Car rental is an essential component of the JetBlue vacation package, and once it is cancelled, all the details are also cancelled. Car rentals are also nonrefundable if passengers do not cancel them before departure.

How can a traveller make changes to the extras added to their ticket?

The extras can be added to the ticket via “Manage Trips” on JetBlue.

On adding up the bonuses, you should know that they cannot be refunded or removed until you opt to cancel the itinerary and are not travelling any more.

The pet fees can be refunded if the flight is cancelled before departure.

If you opt for a flight change, initially bought taxes can be refunded to the payment source. The passenger can buy new extras for their flight.

How can I cancel or change my flights if I booked through a third-party travel agency?

The changes are usually made via “Manage Trips” on

  •  In case the trip is not cancelled via “Manage Trips”, then you can refer back to the source of booking source for assistance.

If the changes are through third-party booking through JetBlue, then a $50 fee for every ticket.

How can I change the flight if I booked through another airline?

For any changes to the itinerary, reach out to the source of booking, whether you have made it via any partner airline, travel agency or JetBlue.

  • Seek more information regarding flight booking with any other partner airlines.
  • Reach out to the third-party travel agency. 

Can I change the fare type? Or can I change the booking from nonrefundable to refundable?

In case you want to change the nonrefundable booking to the refundable fooking or refundable to the nonrefundable booking, then you can do it any time before departure. You need to pay the airfare difference and the applicable fee.

If the fare type you bought is discounted fare, reach the JetBlue out for assistance.

If you want to change the fare type from Blue Basic to Mint, Blue, etc., you must do it before departure. Many times, you need to pay the airfare difference and applicable fee.

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