How to get a refund from United Airlines?

How to get a refund from United Airlines?

A detailed guide for United Airlines Refund Policy

If you need to cancel your United flight, you should take the following steps to seek a refund. The refund policy for United varies on the airfare rate. According to your airfare, you can look for future credits if the airlines cannot provide you with a complete refund. It will help you book another flight and get some relaxation for money too. But know that the travel credits expire in a year, so plan your booking accordingly. If your airfare allows you to seek a refund from United Airlines, fill out the online request form.

To start the refund procedure the passenger needs to go on “My Trips” to initial the process of cancellation.

United Airlines Refund Policy:

United can help you provide a complete refund in many situations. There are just a few factors to be considered like when you choose to cancel your booking, the type of airfare you have bought, or if United itself has withdrawn your flight or you have opted to cancel it.

Suppose the passenger cancels the United flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. As per the United Airlines refund policy, all United tickets can be canceled for a full refund. Only condition us the booking should be made within 24 hours and the ticket is for any date after a week. 

If the passenger has bought the United basic economy ticket:

Once the cancellation window of 24 hours is over, the United primary economy ticket type cannot be canceled for any cash refund along with the flight credits. There are a few ways to help you get some of your money back. For instance, by converting a basic economy ticket to a standard economy ticket.

To upgrade your airfare, you can also look for “Trip details” on the United website. On the United mobile app, click “reservation details”. You can upgrade the basic economy airfare to the standard economy fare, but you must pay a fee here. The price will vary according to the flight opted by you.

If you can convert the basic economy ticket to standard economy airfare, you can get a refund from United Airlines and opt for future travel credits. 

In case the passenger has bought most from other airlines:

With most other United airfare, the passenger cannot opt for United flight cancellation for a refund. Still, you can receive fight credits for the future. United has already dropped the charges for change fees for premium cabin and economy tickets for some specific routes in 2020.

These routes include:

  • Flights originating from the U.S. and travel international
  • Flights traveling between Mexico and the United States or the Caribbean.
  • Also, the Flights operating within the United States

The passenger does not have to make any switch immediately to another flight. If you do not choose another one right away, you can look for flight credits that can last up to a year.

And in case you choose any other flight immediately and cancel the previous one, you have to pay the difference if your new booking is more expensive than the previous one. You will receive future credits if your new flight costs a bit less.

In case the passenger opts for a United refundable fare:

On paying some additional fees, United also sells fully fully-refundable versions of economy fares. The passenger will receive a full cash refund if he cancels these versions of economy fares.

Refundable economy fares vary a lot by flight, and usually, they will cost $30 more than the standard economy fares.

If United cancels your flight and the passenger wants a refund:

As per the United Airlines refund policy, if United cancels the flight, it will provide a full refund irrespective of the type of fare the passenger has bought. As per the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Airlines must provide a full refund if they cancel the flight for whatever reasons. Also, the refund will be reflected in the bank account within seven days if the amount is paid by credit card. If the passenger has paid by cheque or cash, it will take 20 days.

Any other exceptional Circumstances to seek refund from United Airlines”

There can be many situations when you can seek a refund from United Airlines even if you have booked a basic economy ticket.  

United also provide a refund for the booking or any other change fees in specific situations and will be based upon the individual circumstances. The situation can include the death of any family member, receiving a call for a jury date or being affected by any illness.

In any of the above-stated circumstances, you must provide the relevant documentation like a jury summon copy, death certificate, or any physician certificate. This documentation needs to be delivered within the timeline offered.

How can you claim flight credit or refund from United?

In case you are eligible for the cash refund, the best way to claim is to reach out to the official website of United and click on United Refunds. Enter your ticket or confirmation number followed by the name.

The refunds are usually provided towards the original form for payment. The refund from United Airlines on credit cards will be received in 7 days, and for various other modes, it can take 20 days.

United Travel Credits

To look at the account credit, visit the United Travel Credits website. The traveler needs to enter the confirmation number of the flight followed by the traveler’s name. The United Airlines can be contacted on their customer care number for any further assistance. While seeking travel credit, you need to log in to the United Mileage Plus account. You can book your next flight from the same account but need to choose “Travel Credits” in your payment option.

In many cases, the travel credits can be non-transferable. The travel credits issued can be used for making your booking on United Express, United and their partner-operated flights.

Circumstances when United Airlines will not provide you with any refund

If your booking is not eligible for the refund and you have bought the basic economy fare, then Travel insurance is the only way. Travel insurance can be purchased from many companies and, at times, from travel agents, too. The coverage and cost will vary from one company to another. Sometimes, you do not need to pay for trip insurance as many credit cards offer travel insurance in their benefits. 

To seek a refund from travel insurance, you must buy out the “Cancel for any reason” policy. It can be a bit expensive to opt for, but you will be entitled to receive a refund from United Airlines at any time.

Fully Refundable Tickets of United Airlines

Like all other airlines, United Airlines allows the passenger to buy out fully refundable tickets, allowing the traveller maximum flexibility. The bookings are expensive and are primarily found in high-class fares, including first-class and business tickets. But at times, they can be seen in the economy, too, depending upon the type of fare.

Full cash refunds with United Airlines are only possible for refundable tickets. Unlike non-refundable tickets, the passenger does not need to pay any penalty or cancellation charges.

How can you identify that you have bought a refundable United Airlines fare?

You can use any of the options listed below:

  • On calling up the United Airlines representative.
  • Have a look at the fine print of the confirmation email of your booking.
  • Check booking details via your United MileagePlus Account.

Is United Flights refundable?

It will depend upon the type of airfare you have bought. There are non-refundable and refundable fares in all classes except basic economy (Economy Plus, Premium Plus, Premium economy, business, Polaris, etc.) Always opt for booking your non-refundable tickets if you are confident about your trip. The above article will help you in seeking refund from United Airlines in many circumstances. Comment if you have any questions. At last knowing about your booking is very important double check it before you opt for cancellation.

How to seek Refund from United Airlines: Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of FAQs you need to know about how to seek refund from United Airlines:

Does United Airlines issue a refund?

Per the United Airlines refund policy, the refund is refunded to the payment source. If your booking was made within 24 hours, the refund will be subject to the 24-hour policy. It will take about seven business days if the payment is made via credit card.

What is the 24-hour cancellation policy with United Airlines?

As per the 24-hour cancellation policy of United Airlines, travellers can cancel their flight within 24 hours of making their reservation, and no cancellation fees are charged from them.

Are United Airlines tickets non-refundable?

If 24 hours have passed from the booking, the cancellation rules will depend on the type of ticket you bought. Cancellations are not allowed for the basic economy if the 24 hours have passed. Check your booking before cancelling your flight, or contact the United Airlines customer care service for further details.

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