How to change the name on a United Airlines ticket?

How to change name on United Airlines ticket?

The United Airlines name change policy complies with the TSA rules. As per the TSA, the name printed on the boarding pass of the traveller should match up with the government-issued ID which they are carrying on the flight. If any character does not match up, the traveller will never be allowed to travel on their booked flight. This post is a detailed guide about how you can change the name on a United Airlines ticket:

United Airlines Change Name on Ticket

Per the United Airlines name change policy, travelers can use the name change option for international and domestic flights. They need to know about the below-listed particulars to change the name on a United Airlines ticket:

The name change on United Airlines is allowed if the traveller is:

  • They are changing their name due to court decree, divorce, marriage, etc. They need to show proof of their name change to the airline to proceed.
  • In case the spelling of their last or first name, title/prefix, last name, inverted first, nicknames or the issue is related to the exclusion/inclusion of the middle name.

If you are changing your name legally, then proper documentation is required, and the procedure should be taken care of at the United Airlines office at the airport.

Minute name corrections and typographical mistakes can be rectified on call or by contacting the United Airlines ticketing office if valid ID proof is provided.

If the traveller has a MileagePlus account, they can make these changes in writing or online and is subjected to the below conditions:

  • Minute name changes are allowed without any requirements for documentation. The traveller can make the amendments by their MileagePlus account. The simple name changes include rectification of the changes in last name or first name and title/prefix correction. Changing from/to a nickname, deletion or addition of an initial/middle name or rectifying the inverted last and first names.
  • Considerable name changes, mainly those not mentioned above, can only be taken care of if the supportive documents are uploaded to the MileagePlus account profile. The marriage document includes a divorce decree, marriage license, government-issued ID or court decree stating the previous and current names. In case you are not able to arrange the above-listed documents, then you can take a printout of the Name Affidavit and sign it, then notarize it to your address.

In case the passenger’s ID does not match the ticket, then United Airlines can be able to deny or allow their boarding.

All United Airlines bookings are non-transferable. They can be transferable only if it is stated on the ticket.

It’s the traveler’s core responsibility that all credentials, especially the names printed on their tickets, should be correct. If any passenger chooses to show someone else’s ticket, then it will always be considered void, and United Airlines will not take any such refund responsibility.

United Airlines 24-hour Name Change Policy:

United Airlines allows travelers to correct their names within 24 hours of buying their tickets without paying any charges. Another condition is that the ticket booked should be for at least seven days from the booking date. If the name correction is made after 24 hours of the booking time, then there will be charges associated with the change. There can be some exemptions if the changes are small, but it will be up to UA. Therefore, to change the name on a United Airlines ticket try not to miss 24 hours window to avoid any type of complications.

How to change name on the United Airlines ticket?

The traveller can change or correct their name on the United Airlines booking through online mode. The option is applicable only for MileagePlus through writing, phone or via the ticketing office. The UA name change will depend on what kind of name change is required by the passenger, i.e. is the correction minor or does the whole name need to be rectified- if you are a MileagePlus member or a normal one?

In case you still need to enroll yourself as a MileagePlus member, then

Minute name changes are allowed via phone or by contacting the ticketing office of United Airlines or via booking through the ticket-issuing third party/authority. These changes include

  • The UA correction for inverted last and first names.
  • The deletion or addition of the middle initial/name
  • The name correction for the traveler’s prefix or title.
  • The changes made to/from the traveler’s nickname.
  • The rectification is required in last/first name spelling.

Significant/legal name changes include changes after divorce, marriage, etc.

  •   It can be made via the United Airlines ticketing office.
  •   The requisite legal documentation needs to be provided.

  If the traveller is a MileagePlus member, you can:

Small name changes can be made online without providing support documents through their MileagePlus profile. These minute changes refer to the below list:

  • Rectifying the first name spelling (Ami to Amit),
  • Correcting the last name spelling (Sharm to Sharma),
  • Rectifying or changing the prefix or title (Ms. to Mr, Dr. to Miss),
  • Deleting or adding the middle or initial name (Erica K. Kadarshian to Erica Kimberly Kardashian)

 MileagePlus account holders can make changes online if significant changes need to be made online too. The profile holder must provide a copy of the government-issued ID, court paper, divorce decree or marriage certificate mentioning your former and present names.

In case you can present any of the listed documents, then you are required to email the notarized and signed copy of the Affidavit to the address:

MileagePlus Service Center

PO Box 1394

Houston, TX 77251-1394

United Airlines Name Change Fees

Do you know about the United Airlines name change price?

There are no fees charged from the traveller to change the name on a United Airlines ticket. In case you make any considerable name change in a United Airlines ticket because of divorce, marriage, etc, your key had to be reissued. The passenger ticket must be reissued and charged with the fare difference between the new and old fares.

How to change the name on a United Airlines ticket?

Tips for a name change with United Airlines:

Here are the quick tips to change the name on a United Airlines ticket:

  • Once you have made your booking, try to change it in 24 hours. Any kind of name change is free of cost, whether a full name or just a single letter.
  • Try setting up your frequent flyer or MileagePlus account with UA, and you can add the correct traveller information to the report. Whenever you make your booking, your account will pick up, and your details will be added to the reservation.
  • For buying your ticket, try adding your full name (last, first and middle) as per your government-issued ID and also double-check before submitting.

How can a traveller change the name on a United Airlines ticket ?

Once identified, every traveller uses many methods to fix their name on the ticket. This is why the UA offer many ways to correct their name.

The United Airlines name change policy provides many ways to update your name. We are listing here two procedure to change the name on a United Airlines ticket.

Procedure 1: UA name correction through call:

In case the traveller is looking forward to modifying their name urgently. Then, the traveller is recommended to speak to one of the officials. Also, the agent can help with the UA name correction on call. On collective personal information from you, they will guide you with all the possible options.

Procedure 2: United name change via Affidavit:

United Airlines travelers can opt for a name change in their boarding pass with the help of their Affidavit. If they do not have any legal documents, then submission of the testimony is compulsory. Also, you need to send the notarized documents to the address stated below:

Center of Service for MileagePlus, Postal Code 1394, 77251-1394 Houston, TX.

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