How can a passengers use Spirit Airlines credits and Vouchers?

How to contact Spirit Airlines?

If you cancel your Spirit Airlines flight or in any situation where you have missed one, the chances are high that you will receive your money back in the form of a Spirit Airlines credits. It is also known as a Spirit Airlines voucher. The credits issued are used for paying for future travel processes as well as for all other expenses that will be incurred while flying from one destination to another. In this article we will know about Spirit Airlines credits and Vouchers:

Spirit Airlines credits and vouchers

Spirit Airlines does issue travel funds, but the only feature different from any other airline is that they have an expiry date. Before planning your next travel plan, check your email carefully as you need to make your booking usually within 60 days of issuing the credits.

You need to know that these Spirit Airlines credits are non-transferable, so you cannot ask someone to use them.

How to receive your Spirit Airlines credits and Vouchers?

To receive Spirit Airlines flight credit on cancellation, the airline charges some amount depending upon your departure time. The Spirit Airlines cancellation charges vary, and the detailed structure is listed below:

  • 0 to 6 days before departure: $119
  • 7 to 30 days before departure: $99
  • 31 to 59 days before departure: $69
  • 61+ days before departure: $0

As Spirit Airlines is one of the reasonable airlines, there can be a situation when the cancellation fee is huge, and opting for flight credits with a quick expiry date is not worth it. 

Have a look at Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy

How can the passengers avoid paying Spirit Airlines cancellation fees?

You can avoid paying cancellation fees to Spirit Airlines in two main ways. You tend to receive a credit or full refund for the flight booking:

  • Can cancel your booking within a day or 24 hours of the ticket booking. It will help you receive the refund towards the original payment source.
  • The passenger can cancel their booking at least 60 days before the departure. In this scenario, you can receive full credit for the payment made by you for the booking.

How can a passenger redeem the Spirit Airlines voucher or credits?

The Spirit Airlines reservation credits are used widely for covering airfare and other fees like seat selection fees, bag fees, etc. Do know that Spirit Airlines does not allow passengers to use the credits while booking via the Spirit Airlines app. Fresh bookings can only be made via

For making a new reservation via credits, you must have the reservation credit number. It is typically a six-digit alphanumeric code that is sent to the registered email address of Spirit Airlines.

When you get through the payment page, select “Redeem a voucher or credit.” On hitting the option, you will see a box called “reservation credit,” where you can enter your six-digit confirmation number. If your new fare is a bit more expensive than the value of your voucher, then you need to pay the difference.

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Is receiving a Spirit Airlines credit or Vouchers worth it?

Although Spirit Airlines charges high cancellation fees and has many challenging terms for flight credits, before making your final decision think twice, as the cancellation fees can be quite close to the payment you made for the booking.

Future Travel voucher and Round Trip future travel voucher:

The Future and Round trip travel vouchers can be used once and don’t leave any value behind. Also, it can be used by the passenger. It was originally issued and cannot be transferred to anyone. They are usually issued if the flight is overbooked or on aircraft replacement. The vouchers are allowed only for buying the vase fare of the flight, excluding the carrier charges. The vouchers can never be redeemed for cash, and the passenger cannot use them for products like bags, car rentals, vacation packages, etc. The Future travel vouchers must be booked before their expert date, and often, they are restricted as per many class services. They are sometimes restricted for usage at peak periods and while traveling to certain destinations.

The Spirit Airlines flight credit terms are clearly stated in the above article. Consider it before canceling your flight with Spirit Airlines, as it can lead to hefty charges. Make your booking after researching the airlines, and be sure of your travel plans.

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