Do you know about Turkish Airlines Infant Policy?

Turkish Airlines Infant Policy

As per the Turkish Airlines infant policy, here are the listed guidelines:

Infant passengers of age ranging from 2 to 7 days are allowed to board the flight if any of their legal guardians or parents need to submit their medical report mentioning, “They can travel on flight, there are no issues”. Also, Turkish Airlines never permits infants or newborns under two days old to travel on their flights.

The infants can always travel with a local guardian or parents over 18. There should be at least a single adult companion travelling with every infant passenger. The companion should keep the infant on his lap and fasten a baby seat belt. The infant and adult passenger should have their documents for travelling on the flight. The documents can be a ticket, Passport, ID, etc.

Adults or parents over 18 can travel with an infant on the flight. If the adult travellers have two infants, the first will be provided with the infant ticket and can travel on the adult’s lap. The second one will be asked to get a child ticket for a separate seat. The adult passenger will provide the child seat or stroller to make the second infant comfortable and secure with the seat belt.

The adult companions are also allowed to bring a 40*40 car-type stroller for the baby and can request a seat for the infant, too.

The baby strollers are allowed to be installed in the business and economy class in front separators of Turkish airlines that have seats with extra legroom. You can also buy these seats in advance, having the extra legroom.

If a seat is requested for an infant passenger, the discounted kids ticket needs to be issued, and for the stroller, there will be no additional fee.

Turkish Airlines Infant Policy: Before boarding the flight

Families with infants can check in via the “Family First” point for faster security checks.

Families with babies under seven days of age can complete their check-in procedure comfortably at a designated counter.

Passengers with infants are given priority to board early to ensure they can settle on the plane safely and comfortably.

Turkish Airlines Infant Policy: Flight Procedure

Families who have infants with them can place requests for babies while booking their tickets or even 24 hours before the departure time.

Passengers can bring solid or liquid baby food in 100 ml containers. Also, If they need warm food, they can request the crew member for the same.

In some selected areas, the changing bathroom areas are available with diaper sinks.

Turkish Airlines Infant Policy: After the Flight

The baby stroller will be transported to the flight cargo hold. Baby can be taken to the aircraft door in the stroller, and while boarding the flight, the stroller can be handed over to the crew member.

The checked stroller can be taken from the baggage belt at the arrival airport. Then, the stroller checked at the exit gate will be sent to the entry gate.

Turkish Airline Infant Policy: Baggage Allowance

If you have booked your seat with the baby, your infant will be qualified to travel with the standard baggage allowance similar to the adults on that particular route.

If the baby does not have any reserved seat, then here is the checked baggage and hand baggage allowance that will be applied:

BaggageFlightInfant AllowanceStroller
Checked BaggageDomestic Flight10kgNo
International Flight: Weight Policy10kgYes
International Flight: Piece Policy1 piece upto 115cm and 23kgYes
Hand BaggageAll flightsOnly one piece is allowed upto 8kgsNo
Chart Credit: Turkish Airlines

Discounts available for Infants

Infants can take advantage of discounts available on adult fare, special or average, unless stated differently in the fare regulations, as long as they do not require separate seats. If the infant uses a reserved seat, the child discount will be applicable.

Economy ClassBusiness Class
Domestic Flights99TRY139TRY149TRY209TRY
TRNC Flights159TRY258TRY269TRY418TRY
InternationalThe discount will be dependent on the date and route

Lastly, we hope that the Turkish Airlines infant policy as stated above will help you to plan your travel with your infant. So, keep in mind about the rules for baggage allowance and discounted deals while booking seats. In case you have any issue then hit our comment box.

Turkish Airlines Infant Policy: Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Turkish Airlines Infant Policy:

Are pushchairs or special seats available for infants with Turkish Airlines?

The infants can travel in the lap of the adult. The cabin crew will provide them with a seatbelt to travel safely. Turkish Airlines does not have the facility of special seats for infants.

What age can a child travel an unaccompanied with the Turkish Airlines?

Children of at least seven years and who have yet to celebrate their 12th birthday till the onset of the vacation are allowed to travel unaccompanied. They can seek permission from their legal guardian or parent and take the duly signed unaccompanied child form with them.

Does Turkish Airlines allow infants to travel on an adult’s lap?

Babies of upto two years of age are allowed to travel on the adult’s lap with the safety belt.

Can families choose meals for adults?

While travelling on domestic flights, baby food is served on flights starting from Istanbul and Ankara. If travelling on international flights, the family can choose the meals for the infants up to 24 hours before boarding.

While travelling, can I get food for the baby?

If you have requested the infant food to be provided while booking, we can help you with our infant food services while travelling.

Can Turkish Airlines arrange a caregiver for the child?

Yes, you can place your request for a caregiver, and a member of the crew will take care of your child. But the request should be placed at least two days ahead of travel.

Can we take liquid food for the infant into the cabin?

Turkish Airlines allows adults travelling with infants to bring liquid food inside the cabin to fulfil the infant’s requirements.

Please specify the age limit for the infant travellers?

Passengers of at least seven days to 24 months are considered infants on Turkish Airlines.

Does the child or Infant passenger should have their passports to travel?

As per the new guidelines, the infants or child passengers must have their passports.

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