Do you know about Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy?

Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy

How to travel with stroller on Spirit Airlines? Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy

Spirit Airlines allows travelers to carry the items below while travelling with their children. Here are the things to know about Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy:

As carry-on baggage, the passengers can carry a car seat for every child.

As Checked baggage, the passengers can carry a stroller for every child.

Strollers to be carried as the carry-on baggage should be folding and compact type, and their dimensions, inclusive of handles and wheels, should be 56cm x 46cm x 25cm. The strollers are listed as carry-on items if they follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • It can be stowed with all its wheels upside down in the flight overhead bin.
  • Are not used after entering the flight.
  • It should be collapsed even before the passengers board the flight.

Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy

Here are some points you should know for travelling on Spirit Airlines along with your kids and stroller:

Any family with two children can travel with a double stroller and check in at the gate or counter.

Spirit Airlines accepts only a single car seat as the carry-on baggage and a stroller as the checked baggage with any additional payment.

The strollers you checked in will be returned when you arrive at your destination airport.

The car seats or restraint systems for kids and kids’ harness devices should be FAA-approved and can be taken on the flight if you have already booked a seat. If the car seat you have cannot fit right on your regular chair, then Spirit Airlines will help you by offering an open heart.

Many FAA-approved car seats do not fit well with the aircraft seats; in this situation, if you know the car seat size of your kids and the aircraft you are boarding.

  • If you are travelling via 32B, 321, 319, the widest width of the big front seat is 22in, and the narrowest width is 22in. But if you have booked the Deluxe leather seat, then widest width is 17in, and the most limited width is 15.5in.
  • If you are travelling with Airbus 32A, 320, the widest width for the Big Front seat is 22.8in, and the narrowest width is 22.8 in. But if you book the deluxe leather seats, the widest width will be 16, and the most limited width will be 15.5 in.

Please do not bring your car seat exceeding the abovementioned dimensions as they could not fit. Also, the rear-facing kid’s restraint system could not be accommodated if their height is over 25.

Car seats are never allowed in:

  • Seats having inflatable seat belts:
    •        A321 (32B) Aircraft with seat rows number 3 and 1
    •        A320 (32A,32N) Aircraft with seat rows number 1,3,12,13
    •        A319 Aircrafts with seat rows 1, 4, 5 (D, E, F)
  • The exit rows and seats after or before the exit seats.

Spirit Airlines never allows pack ‘n’ play, collapsible cribs, and various other devices to be carried at the check-in-terms so that they can be used. Also, the passenger will be charged as per the requisite baggage policy.

Is the Spirit Airlines Stroller applicable to all travelers?

Yes, the Spirit Airlines stroller policy applies to all travelers with children. As per the Spirit Airlines stroller policy, the passenger can travel with one stroller for every child and a carry-on luggage, i.e. a car seat.

Spirit Airlines Rules: Stroller to be used on Flights

If you are travelling on the shortest outing for the kid, it is essential to use the stroller. For kids, it is important to have perfect sleep, comfort and rest. Even on reaching out to the airport, it is super convenient to use on check-in with your kid. Therefore, parents can take up the stroller along with them on the flight.

If you have a convenient flight, travelling with a stroller is convenient. Travelling with your kid and walking through terminals is always challenging, especially if the layoff is short. When you travel via air with kids, the parents usually consider whether the airlines will allow them to take up the stroller, whether any particular condition will be applied and what kind of stroller they can travel with. Once you have reached your destinations, the kids can transfer directly to the vehicle on the jetty should seek permission in advance.

Rules and regulations for transporting a child’s crib:

For travelers coming with kids under two years of age, Spirit Airlines allows them to travel with a cot on the flight. If you had to use this service, you should inform the airline at least two days before your departure time. Also, if you travel with a personal accessory for your kids, the passenger must have a unique shipping label.

Lastly, Spirit Airlines Stroller policy is clear if you have any issues then reach us out on comments. You can also have a look at the official Spirit Airlines site for more details.

Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy: Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy:

Are diaper bags free to travel with on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, the passenger can carry a diaper bag free of cost on Spirit Airlines.

How much does Spirit Airlines charge for strollers?

Spirit Airlines can check one car seat and one stroller without any extra fees.

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