Do you know about Qatar Airways Name Change Policy?

Qatar Airways permit name changes or correction because of oversights and typographical errors. The Qatar Airways name change issues can also arise due to name changes because of marriage, divorce, etc. If you are facing similar problems, then here is the Qatar Airways Name Change policy for you:

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy:

  • The Name changes refer to rectifications because of any missing part or spelling errors in the passenger’s name. For instance, changes can be required to family name or surname, middle name, passenger type codes, first name or title.
  • Name Change also refers to the changing full name of the passengers’ family name or surname, middle name, or first name. Name changes are allowed if the traveller changes their name legally. Any such changes will be permitted in the Qatar Airways flight, interline, codeshare, or/and travellers booked on the 157 plate/stock.

Qatar Airways Name Change or Correction Method

The Qatar Airways never allows changing a complete name or swapping on an already issued PNR. 

Qatar Airways Name correction procedure

The name correction method with Qatar Airways is correcting the traveler’s title, last name or middle due to a missing part or misspelt word because of a typo error.

Qatar Airways Name Change Procedure

The Name change method with Qatar Airways refers to the complete change in the ticket ownership. Also, the name change on the Qatar Airways booking includes title, middle name, last name, or any combination.

Qatar Airways name change or name correction before the ticket is issued:

Qatar Airways’ name change policy is inclusive of the below-listed particulars:

  • The traveller’s middle and first name can be corrected upto three characters by a travel agent or Qatar Airways. The three characters include total changes to the middle, title and first name. 
  • The change, addition or deletion of date of birth is not counted in the three-character counter, and on placing your request, Qatar Airways or travel agent can do that.
  • If the name change here requires the title, middle, first or surname, then the traveller must submit the legal documentation.
  • If the name change you require exceeds the count of three characters, you need to reach out to Qatar Airways for any further assistance.
Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Qatar Airways name change after the ticket is issued:

The Qatar Airways name change policy after the issuance of visas is inclusive of the below listing particulars:

  • If you want to place your request to rectify your name or modify, add or delete the infant’s name you have booked on Qatar Airways or any of its operated flights, then you need to contact Qatar Airways for any further assistance.
  • The traveller must also provide legal documentation if her name is legally changed.

Points to remember to change name on Qatar Airways

  • Qatar Airways never allows name swapping.
  • If the name is corrected, the reissued e-tickets should be brought to enter; you cannot board your flight.
  • Name correction or changes are never allowed for the various PNRs created via Privilege Club profiles.
  • If your itinerary includes an interline or codeshare flight, name changes are only allowed sometimes. In these circumstances, the new PNR need to be issued, and it will always be subject to availability.
  • You can never swap your seats with your new and original PNR. Any extra segment you booked with your flight or associated with the incorrect name needs to be cancelled and processed for refund to avoid a no-show. If you have any queries, then reach out to Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways name change is not allowed due to below-listed reasons

As per the Qatar Airways name change policy here are the reasons why it is not allowed:

  • If any changes are required after check-in.
  • Partially used PNRs
  • Swapped with any other name
  • Itinerary inclusive code share and interline segments.

Qatar Airways name change or correction fee

The name change fee with Qatar Airways is $150 if the correction is requested within 24 hours of booking. The legal document is needed for processing the request to change title, last name or first name. Also, a new PNR will be generated and reissued in the lower or same available class. Remember, it will always be subject to availability and rules.

Once the 24 hours are completed, the Qatar Airways name change fee will be increased to $250. The middle and first name can be corrected with the Qatar Airways upto three characters.

How to change name on Qatar Airways?

The step-by-step procedure to change name on the Qatar Airways booking online is as follows:

Name change on Qatar Airways ticket online

  • Reach out to the official website of and then hit the “Manage Booking” button on the home screen.
  • It would help if you now typed your PNR with the traveller’s last name. Once you have entered, hit the “Continue” tab to proceed.
  • You can retrieve your booking by tapping the “name correction” button. Now you can hit the tab next to the traveller’s name, which you must change. As per the Qatar Airways name change policy, the traveller’s middle and first name can be changed upto three characters only.
  • Now, write the correct name that can match up with the government-issued identity proof.
  • While checking out, the traveller needs to pay the Qatar Airways name change fee.
  • Once the name is rectified, the traveller will receive the confirmation for the name change from Qatar Airways on their registered email ID.

Name change on Qatar Airways ticket on call

  • You need to reach out to Qatar Airways for a name change and then wait for the agent to answer:
  • Enter the ticket number (13-digit) or booking reference number (6-digit), which can help the agent retrieve the booking and make the required changes.
  • You can ask that agent to change your name on the Qatar Airways ticket. As per the name change policy of Qatar Airways, only three characters of last, first and middle name can be rectified. The three characters in total are considered. The traveller should understand three characters for each last name and first name.
  • Pay the name correction fee, and the ticket will be reissued on confirmation.

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