Do you know about JetBlue Airlines Infant Policy?

Do you know about JetBlue Airlines Infant Policy?

Flying with infants on JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways follows a strict policy for infants. Here are some of the critical points about JetBlue Airlines Infant Policy:

  • Infants below three days are not acceptable with JetBlue Airways.
  • JetBlue Airways states that kids between three days and 24 months are categorized as lap infants.
  • JetBlue Airways needs a written consent letter from the physician if the infant travelling with is between 3 and 14 days.
  • Babies over 14 days old are allowed to travel with adults of at least 14 years of age.
  • JetBlue also offers pre-boarding for families if they are travelling with kids under two years of age. It allows families to have easy access to safe car seats and overhead bins.
  • If the child is flying with a legal guardian or an adult who is not their parents, they must present a notarized letter for authorization to JetBlue Airways.
  • Every country has different documentation, so contact the JetBlue customer care executive to help you.

When is it compulsory to buy a ticket for my child?

The traveller must buy a ticket for their child according to the JetBlue Airlines Infant Policy:

  • If the kid is 24 months or older.
  • If the kid turned two while travelling.
  • Lap infants do not need to pay anything for travelling on domestic flights of JetBlue.
  • If you are travelling with two children alone, you must pay for the child not sitting on your lap.
  • If you travel abroad, it doesn’t matter what your kid’s age is as you need to pay for them.
  • To travel internationally, the lap infants must pay applicable taxes and fees and be provided with a ticket.
  • Jet Airways never offers discounts for kids travelling on international or domestic flights. They need to make separate bookings at applicable and regular fares:
    • Travelling with an acceptable child restraint device for kids below two years of age.
    • For kids who are two years of age

JetBlue Lap Infant Policy

The traveler must contact the JetBlue reservations in advance if they are flying with a lap infant. They need the details about the infant travelling; the adult should be 14 years old. While landing and take off, the infant should sit on the accompanying adult’s lap.

Also, Jetways Airlines asks the traveller to provide the infant’s age proof, like an immunization record, passport or birth certificate, etc., if the infant’s age is a bit questionable. To travel to domestic locations, a copy of a birth certificate copy is acceptable. But if you travel on international flights, you must show the infant’s passport to the JetBlue Airlines representative for boarding.

One adult can travel with one lap infant only. Because of the limited number of Oxygen masks available on every row, one lap infant is allowed to travel on every side of the plane. Travelling flying with the lap, infants are never allowed to sit on the seats located in the emergency exit row. JetBlue Airlines limits the number of newborns travelling in over-water flights due to the limited availability of spare life vests.

As per the JetBlue Airlines Infant Policy the travelers can carry a car seat, a diaper bag and a stroller if they have a lap infant. The checked baggage allowance is not provided for infants. The newborns can have a free car seat, which does not count for checked baggage fees. This exception will not be acceptable for infant beds and playpens.

A child Restraint system for infants

The infant below two years of age, if travelling on a seat, needs to be placed in one of the child restraint systems approved by FAA. Here are the guidelines for the restraint system as per the JetBlue Airlines Infant Policy:

The car seats invented between 1st January 1981 and 25th February 1985 should have one of the labels: “ This kids restraint system conforms to be used in aircraft and motor vehicles” and “ This kids restraint system applies to all federal motor safety standards.” 

The car seats invented after 25th February 1985 should have additional labels published in red and state, “ This child restraint system conforms to be used in aircraft and motor vehicles”.

CARES³ is also a kid restraint device and should read “Approved by the FAA in compliance with 14 CFR 21.305(d) for exclusive use in aircraft.”

The FAA approves CARES³, a harness-type kid restraint system for children between twenty-two and forty-four pounds. Vest restraints, booster seats and harness restraints are not allowed during landing and take-off unless the FAA approves them.

The adult will always be responsible for travelling with the kid to ensure the restraint system is secured with the seat. 


The kids flying on international and domestic flights can offer many onboard options specially devised by JetBlue Airways:

  • Free Juice and snack movies for children if they are travelers for more than two hours.
  • Channels like DIRECTV for kids.

Is sitting in an exit row allowed for infants?

The Federal Aviation Administration clearly states that no lap infant or kid will be allowed to be seated in the exit row, and the travelers sitting in the exit row should be more than 15 years of age. Also, the infants are never allowed to be seated in any row directly behind or in front of the exit.

Till what age can the kids travel free on JetBlue?

Children travelling as lap infants should be of at least three days and can travel free till they turn 24 months old. So, the adults do not need to pay any fees (in some countries outside the United States, the taxes must be paid. Also, you must show proof of age certifications like an immunization record, birth certificate or passport.

Lastly, if you have any issues then reach out to the JetBlue official website for the updated knowledge. The JetBlue Airlines Infant Policy states all possible guidelines in the article and we hope it will solve your purpose.

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