Do you Know About Delta Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy?

Do you Know About Delta Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy?

Can a passenger change their name on Delta Airlines?

The transportation security for administration has strict guidelines that the name of the government-issued ID should match the boarding pass. You can only board the flight if your name appears on the ticket. The name must be right on your ticket, and there should be no mistakes, typos, or misspellings. Let’s know about Delta Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy in details:

Delta Airlines Name change or correction policy:

Delta Airlines requires a valid last, middle, and first name to check that the traveler buying the ticket travels through the airline. Specifying Initials is not needed. In any case, Delta Airlines will never allow the complete name change, but the traveler can rectify the misspelling, which is usually just the three characters.

Delta Airlines Name change due to Divorce or Marriage

If you change your name after your divorce or marriage, you must provide a valid document like a divorce decree or marriage certificate. etc., to the airline authorities. In this case, the tickets are usually reissued, and some fees can be applied too.

Delta Airlines Name Change Fees

The traveler has up to 24 hours to rectify their name without paying any fees. Within 24 hours of booking the ticket, they can change the full name or single letter by canceling the booking and then rebooking to issue a new ticket with the correct word. But, no charges are implied if the traveler cancels the ticket and rebooked it within 24 hours.

Once 24 hours are passed from the booking, the waiver will not be applied, and the traveler will be charged $200 for the name change.

Delta Airlines name change or correction policy for international and domestic tickets:

If one or more exclusions will apply to your case, then the best option is to reach out to the Delta reservation or customer care service for quick assistance:

  • If your itinerary includes flights operated by other carriers, including Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, KLM, Air France, or Aeromexico.
  • In case your travel itinerary is inclusive of traveling from or to China.
  • If your travel itinerary is inclusive of travel from or to India.
  • If your name is already being rectified once and needs more changes, the tickets must be reissued a second time.
  • More than three characters of the customer’s last name must be rectified.

Remember, many minor name corrections can be done without contacting Delta Airlines.

How can a traveler rectify the typo error on their Delta Airlines ticket?

If you need to correct your name on the ticket, contact Delta Airlines customer care immediately or the travel agent you have asked to book your ticket. If you know about the mistake at the airport, you need to contact the travel desk with your legal ID. The traveler can be reassured if their initials and middle name are left out because as per the Delta Airlines name change or correction policy, only the last and first names should be correct.

Delta Airlines name change or correction policy for SFPD:

If the traveler’s name is corrected or changed in the PNR comprising SFPD I,e, Secure Flight Passenger Data information, then the SSR Docs will be removed from the ticket. It is important to type new SSR Docs having the SFPD for the traveler once the name is corrected.

Delta SkyMiles Name Change or Correction Policy

The traveller can log in or update their name on their SkyMiles account if they have legal documentation. To request changes, the traveller can log in to the account, fill up their Identity validation form, and attach the valid documentation with the state.

You do not need to provide any documentation for making the changes in the middle name. The travelers can log in to their SkyMiles account and rectify the details.

How to change your name on a Delta Airlines ticket?

As per the Delta Airlines name change or correction policy, only permit the name change if the below-listed criteria are fulfilled:

Delta Airlines should be the carrier for the flight booked by the traveler.

Delta Airlines should be operating the flight, and the tickets provided with the 006 stock number.

If the traveler has already check-in the authorities do not permit for name change.

How to process your name change with Delta Airlines?

The Name change with Delta Airlines is allowed online or via call.


  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines and reach out to the section named “My Trips.”
  • Now type your six-digit reference number, or you can also enter your 13-digit ticket number and the passenger’s last name. The numbers should be correct.
  • Now hit on the name correction tab. The name on the ticket should match the government-based ID proof or your passport.
  • The travelers can also rectify up to three characters in their last or first name.
  • On placing your request, hit the confirm and save tab to proceed.
  • The next step, a checkout page, will be there, where the traveler needs to pay the applicable fee. 
  • After the transaction is processed successfully, the traveler will receive the name change confirmation email.


  • To change your name, the traveler needs to make a call to the client service number:
  • To start the call, the passenger must provide their six-digit PNR to initiate their booking.
  • Now ask the executive to rectify your name and remember that only misspelled letters can be corrected.
  • You can now provide your government-based ID or passport copy to validate your request.
  • The fee for the name change needs to be paid. The passenger will receive the confirmation email once the transaction is completed successfully.

Lastly, it is quite easy to change your name on Delta Airlines. But it is best that you double-check all credentials while making your booking. 

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