Do you know about American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

Do you know about American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

How to travel with children on American Airlines? AA unaccompanied minor policy

Minors are children travelling without legal guardians or parents. Many airlines provide their due assistance to unaccompanied minors from the start to reaching their destination. As per the American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy, the authorities want every child to travel. 

AA needs kids between 5 and 14 to travel safely if they travel alone via the AA unaccompanied minor service. For kids aged 15-17, the guardians can opt for the same service, but the charges will be applied.

Also, the charge for unaccompanied minors is $150 plus ticket fare. The price will cover any additional siblings travelling on the same flight.

American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy:

The AA unaccompanied minors policy will include ​ 

  • Kids are provided with complimentary kits, activities, and snacks. The kits provided to the children are from the Quacker company.
  • Children can board early for extra time to keep up with their belongings and interact with flight attendants.
  • If the child has a connecting flight, they can check into Kids-only lounges.
  • Kids are also escorted to the gate and are handed over to an authorized adult.
  • To help the children in boarding the connecting flight, the airport authorities will escort them.

Also, remember that there can be a time when American Airlines representatives will be busy in their duties and can only monitor your child occasionally. So, they should know how to press the ring button in an emergency.

American Airlines flight and age restrictions for the kids travelling alone

As per the American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy the airlines never allows kids to travel alone, especially under the below-listed conditions:

  • When the kid has to reach another airport for a co-terminal or ground connection.
  • Connecting flights that occur overnight.
  • Flights are booked with other airlines, inclusive of oneworld® partners and codeshare.
  • If it’s the last flight of the day.
  • Children aged 2-14 can travel as “unaccompanied minors” with an adult at least 16.
  • If the kid is upto four years of age, they are not allowed to travel alone with A.A.
  • The unaccompanied minor service is provided for kids aged 5 to 7 years. Guardian or parent contact should be provided, and AA. will arrange a gate escort service. Only non-stop fights are booked for this age group of kids.
  • For kids aged 8 to 14, the unaccompanied minor service is provided. Guardian or parent contact should be provided, and AA will arrange a gate escort service. Non-stop flight bookings are allowed along with connecting flights via AZ (PHX), Phoenix, PA (PHL), Washington Reagan, NC (CLT), Charlotte, Dallas Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, CA (LAX), and I.L. (ORD).
  • The unaccompanied minor service is provided for kids aged 15 to 17, but it is optional. The charges need to be paid. Guardian or parent contact should be provided, and A.A. will arrange a gate escort service. Non-stop flight bookings are allowed along with connecting flights via AZ (PHX), Phoenix, PA (PHL), Washington Reagan, NC (CLT), Charlotte, Dallas Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, CA (LAX), and I.L. (ORD).

Quaker Complimentary Kits for the Children

To stay entertained, and the kids aged 5-10 years are provided with kits manufactured by Quaker to keep them entertained. The kits are inclusive of activities and puzzles. Also, they are provided two complimentary snacks. The complimentary snacks are provided to the flights that are departing from Phoenix, AZ (PHX), Philadelphia, PA (PHL), Chicago, IL (ORD), Miami, FL (MIA), Los Angeles, CA (LAX), New York, NY (LGA and JFK), Washington Reagan, D.C. (DCA) and Charlotte, NC (CLT).

How do you prepare your minor to travel with American Airlines?

If your kid is travelling for the first time or has already travelled, it is recommended that you should speak to them about the trip and what they can expect from the journey. The AA team will help them at every step and keep them safe. Read about American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy before your kid starts travelling.

Here are some of the tips that will be helpful for Unaccompanied minors while travelling with American Airlines:

  • Your child should have your contact number.
  • They can show the team that their uniforms make the members recognizable. Do know that your child should seek help via a uniformed employee of AA
  • Pack their money, games and books in a small carry-on.
  • Drink and food service is minimal on flights. It is recommended that their favourite snacks be packed with them so that they can enjoy them on the flight.
  • The emergency contact information and their I.D. card should be handy, so keep it safe in their jacket or carry-on bag.
  • The electronic gadget they are travelling with should be charged, and always pack headphones and chargers with them for use in an emergency.
  • Always let them know that to walk them off from the flight on landing, a team member will approach them.
  • Do know that AA does not provide or hold personal medication for your unaccompanied minor.
  • Attach an I.D. card and contact information to your child’s carry-on bag or jacket.
  • Fully charge any electronic devices, and remember to pack chargers and headphones.
  • Be sure your child knows to wait for a team member to walk them off the plane when they land (this includes older children using our service).

Things that your accompanied minor should know at the airport while travelling with AA

Required and Check-in documents

The minor had to arrive at the airport at least 120 minutes early and interact with the agent at the ticket counter. The American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy never allow the kids travelling alone needs help to check in via kiosk or online. They should reach out to the agent present at the airport.

The adult must fill out a form for the minor and the other necessary immigration and customs documents before departure. The kid should carry the form to travel. To check-in, the guardians/parents must also present the following:

  • The phone number to reach you.
  • Adult’s government I.D. and the address to which they reside.
  • The passport or birth certificate to prove their age.
  • The information of the adult receiving your child at the destination should also be provided.

Once the check-in procedure for your child is completed, you will get a security pass so you can go with your child to the gate.

Take-off and Boarding of unaccompanied minors at American Airlines

  • To ensure a smooth departure AA, you should know the following:
  • The adult escorting the child to the gate should stay there until the flight has departed.
  • On reaching out to the gate, tell the gate agent about the unaccompanied minor travelling.
  • With AA, the kids are allowed to board early to meet up with all the crew members and know the safety features of the flight.
  • The gate agent will inform you about the flight status so you can leave the airport.
  • Keep in touch with the adult picking up your child. 

While travelling with AA, the accompanied minor should know how to travel in flight. Contact AA if you have any query regarding American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy.

The flight attendants will check on the child, but the kid should know how to act as, at times, continuous monitoring is complex.

Quick tips for American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy your kid should know

  • How to communicate with the crew members if they need assistance or are feeling discomfort.
  • Also, follow all the flight safety instructions, such as wearing the seatbelt.
  • Also, ask them to wait for the team member in AA uniform.
    • Tell a flight attendant if they need assistance or feel discomfort.
    • Follow plane safety instructions, like wearing their seatbelt.
    • Please wait for a uniformed team member to escort them off the aeroplane once it arrives at the gate.

American Airlines unaccompanied minor lounges

American Airlines provides lounge facilities to unaccompanied minors at many airports, and they are Phoenix, AZ (PHX); Philadelphia, PA (PHL); Chicago, IL (ORD); Miami, FL (MIA); Los Angeles, CA (LAX), New York, NY (LGA and JFK), Washington Reagan, D.C. (DCA) and Charlotte, NC (CLT).

American Airlines takes care of the children at their children. The staff member will escort your child into the lounge to buy drinks and food, but the unaccompanied minors need help to walk alone.

Pick-up and Arrival of unaccompanied minors at American Airlines

For smooth pick-up, keep your government photo ID handy with you. You must also present it at the gate to meet your child, and the I.D. also acts as a security pass. The photo I.D. needs to show the same for receiving your child. It is recommended to reach out 2 hours before the kid’s scheduled arrival so that you have enough time for the procedures.

Flight Notifications and Status

Remain updated for your kid’s journey along with the flight notification, and also remind the adult who is picking your child up from the airport. Ensure that you receive all the flight alerts.

Flight Cancelations and Delay

Whatever the contacts you have mentioned in the Unaccompanied minor form, the airline will contact them if there is a delay in connecting flights or is cancelled. If your child has to stay overnight due to the missed connecting flight, overnight accommodation and meals will be arranged. You will also receive a call if such a situation arises.

Young adults (15-17) years travelling with American Airlines

If your child does not qualify for the accompanied minor service age and the flight is cancelled or delayed, they are only admitted as adult clients. Do know that hotels only allow young children to check in with others. An adult should accompany them. Also, remind them that they are not allowed to leave the airport unless:

  • They have spoken to the designated adult or parent.
  • A uniformed police officer or team member should accompany the young adults.
  • If any help is required, the young adult should speak to the team member.
  • American Airlines unaccompanied minors travelling outside the U.S.
  • Some airports do not allow the adults to pass through the security. In these cases, the team member will take the child to pass through and stay with them until the flight departure. Also, if the child is under 18, they need a consent letter to travel internationally without any guardian.

American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy: Country-specific guidelines

Many countries have additional guidelines for kids travelling with adults or as accompanied minors. We have listed the American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy for some countries have a look:


If the child is travelling with only a single parent or as an unaccompanied minor, then they need to present:

  • Travel authorization notarized letter from both parents.
  • Child’s birth certificate

If your child is travelling unaccompanied or with only one parent, you’ll need the following:

  • The child’s birth certificate
  • and Notarized travel authorization from both parents

The Brazilians consulate or embassy should issue, legalize and authenticate the travel authorization. Contact the consulate in the child’s residence or consult the National Council of Justice website for further details.


Suppose the child’s age is under 14 and is an Italian citizen. In that case, they can travel internationally and should have individual passports along with the Dichiarazione di Accompagno or Declaration of Temporary Guardianship for Travel Abroad. The document should be inclusive of the following:

  • The airline name the kid is using
  • Local police headquarters authentication
  • Signature of the legal guardian or parent.

Suppose the child doesn’t have Italian nationality and their documents prove any other airline’s nationality. In that case, they need to check with any other local Italian consulate or embassy in their residence country or can even discuss with the consulate or embassy of the destination country.


Kids under 18 years of age and travelling from or to Mexico should have an authorization letter. The letter must be:

  • Notarized
  • and Signed by at least one parent or any legal guardian
  • In Spanish

As per the American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, the above listed documents are need to be presented.


The kid should have their passport and abide by all the destination requirements. Also, Spanish authorities need all Spanish children to travel alone or with one of the parents, along with a permit requested by the legal guardians or parents. The permit can be issued by any of these: Civil Guard, Police, town hall or Notary’s office.

The kids who do not have Spanish nationality but live in Spain need to contact the consulate to complete their paperwork.

Spanish authorities require that all Spanish children travelling alone, with only one parent or with a third party, have a travel permit requested by the parents or legal guardians. One of these must issue this permit: Police, Civil Guard, Notary’s Office or Town Hall.

For children with a document proving another nationality (not Spanish) and living in Spain, go to the consulate to complete the necessary paperwork.

American Airlines provides excellent unaccompanied minor services for the required candidate. They take care of all possible things so the children can fly safely and not face any issues. American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy is crystal clear reach out to our comment section for any confusion.

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