Do you know about Air Canada Standby Policy?

Do you know about Air Canada Standby Policy?

How to fly on Standby with Air Canada?

The Air Canada standby policy relates to the ability to fly to an earlier flight from the original booked flight without paying any fee. But do know it is always subject to availability, and there are restrictions at some routes. These rules and regulations are applicable to all passengers from any fare class.

If there are sudden changes in your travel, you should enquire whether the airlines you have booked offer flexibility.

Traveling through Air Canada, your ability to fly standby or make desired changes on the same day depends on the fare class you’ve booked.

Air Canada Standby Policy

The airlines have a standby policy, according to which only eligible travelers can fly on standby. For travelers flying under Premium Economy, Business Class, Latitude, and Comfort travel, standby without paying extra fees.

Air Canada Same-day Change fees

Here are the same-day fees for Air Canada:

For the Basic economy, same-day changes are not permitted.

Standard fare is $150 in the case of the routes traveling from JFK and Toronto, Newark airports, and  LaGuardia.

For Comfort and Flex fares, the price is $75 and will be $0 for the routes between JFK and Toronto, Newark airports, and LaGuardia.

There are no charges for Business Class, Latitude, and Premium Economy fares.

For Award Tickets, it is $100 for each side for all types of tickets (  Altitude Super Elite 100k need not pay any charges, and for Aeroplan Diamond status, the charges are $75)

How can you fly on standby with Air Canada?

If you want to fly standby on an earlier flight, you must enrol on the waiting list. The action can be performed via the web platform of the airlines or through their app.

Hit on the “standby early” option to look at the check-in menu for joining the standby list on an earlier flight.

You will get a list of all the available flights to opt for standby. Now choose the one you want to enrol for waiting.

Click on the “confirm” option, and you will receive a message stating that you are already added to the flight waiting list you have opted for.

The waiting list appears on the closure of the check-in procedure. It will take about 45 minutes before the departure for check-in to close for the domestic flight. For international flights, the time will be 60 minutes. It would help if you kept your patience intact. Air Canada executives will help you out and provide you with upgraded information. The system will also inform you about the available perks and seats for the passengers on the waiting list.

Once the gate executive calls you over and provides you with a new boarding pass, you have been provided with the standby flight. You need to be at the gate to receive the new boarding passes. On clearing your name from the waiting list, you will be provided with a new boarding pass and no longer be a part of your original flight.

At the time of your flight, you need to be present at the airport. You can lose your seat if your name is called off and you are absent at the airport. If this is the case with you, then you need to book a new flight and pay the entire fare.

Air Canada Missed Flight Policy:

You may also ask to place your name on the standby list. If any seats are available, you can get on the next flight. The essential thing to do is contact Air Canada immediately and discuss options with them. Even if you are in panic mode, be kind and polite when you talk to the customer service agents.

Air Canada Standby Policy for International Flights

Here is the Air Canada standby policy for international flights:

Flights towards the “Sun Destinations”

The “Sun Destination” refers to the cities in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central Mexico. There are no charges for standby for customers traveling in Business Class (flexible), Economy Latitude, and Economy Class (lowest).

Flights through the United States

Travelers flying through Canada towards the United States in Business Class (flexible) and Economy Latitude can stand by without paying any charges. Travelers in Business Class (lowest) and Economy Flex can fly standby without paying any charges between John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and LaGuardia International Airport.

Flights towards other destinations

There are no charges for standby for travelers flying for Air Canada in Business Class (flexible), Business Class (lowest), Premium Economy (flexible), and Economy Latitude.

Air Canada standby policy for family, employees, and friends

Air Canada has a strict travel program that allows their family members and employees to travel at exceptional prices. They do not travel free but had to pay the lowest fare if they select a standby flight. They can also opt for Business class tickets at low rates. Air Canada implements special fares for its partners like United Airlines, Lufthansa, etc., who are exclusively offered discounted rates. These partners are responsible for covering the costs for the paying customers to complete the transactions.

Air Canada standby policy for Upgrades

Being a traveler, you can use your eUpgrade credits to select the upgrades for your complete itinerary or specific segments. Every flight segment permits a certain number of upgrades. The passenger’s tickets are upgraded once the check-in window opens and the upgrade space is there. But if no space is there, then you will surely be waitlisted.

The Air Canada App checks the status and displays the results in priority order. The app lists the travelers’ names using the first name initials and the first three letters of the family name.

Air Canada Standby List

Travelers having Aeroplan Elite Status or/and an Aeroplan co-branded credit card are always listed higher on the standby list. Air Canada always clears the travelers having co-branded credit cards or elite status tickets first than any other passengers. The travelers who buy out special tickets or non-revenue travelers are the last ones to receive clearance. 

The Air Canada Standby policy is simple and will help you to get through an earlier flight without paying any charges. Read through the article and you will get to know all about it.

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