Do you know about Air Canada Cancellation Policy?

Air Canada Cancellation Policy?

How to cancel your Air Canada ticket?

Air Canada has a clear cancellation policy for its passengers. The cancellation procedure will be quick, easy and affordable if you know about it. If you have bought a ticket with Air Canada and are opting to cancel it, then this guide will be helpful for you. Here is the detailed version of Air Canada Cancellation Policy:

Air Canada Refund Policy

With Air Canada, the passengers can cancel their flight and seek a full refund for the complete or unused portion of their booking if

  • Air Canada cancels their flight.
  • If you have opted for your flight cancellation within 24 hours of the booking.
  • You have booked a flexible ticket, i.e. Business flexible, economy flexible, Latitude, etc.
  • The flight is delayed for more than 2 hours.
  • If you have a confirmed booking but were denied boarding.
  • In case the flight you booked is rescheduled, the alternative option cannot help in boarding your connecting flight.
  • If there are unique situations like the death of a family member, military orders, serious illness, fellow passenger, etc. (cancellation in these situations will constantly be subjected to the documentary evidence, and the Airlines should agree to it)
  • Apart from the listed situation, you need to pay the fees dependent upon the fare conditions in all other circumstances.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Here is the list of pointers related to the Air Canada Cancellation Policy:

  • The passenger should opt for the ticket cancellation at least 120 minutes before the departure. 
  • For cancellation flights, the refunds can take approximately one to three months.
  • Also, the refunds are always credited to the payment’s source.
  • If you have already received all compensation for the flight cancellation from the insurance company, the passengers are never eligible for any refund.
  • The passengers can fill up the refund request form if they still need not receive the refund as per their entitlement.
  • The non-refundable bookings can only qualify for any refund if the flight cancellations are under Air Canada’s control. If they are not in control of Air Canada, you can check out the alternate travel options provided. If they don’t suit you, you should:
  • Try to convert the ticket value (excluding tax) into points with 65% of the Bonus miles.
  • Transfer the ticket balance value to the travel voucher of Air Canada. The best thing about them is there is no expiry, and they are transferable, too.

Air Canada Travel Compensation

As per the Air Canada travel compensation policy, if any flight is cancelled or delayed or if the passenger is denied boarding even if they have a confirmed booking, then they are entitled to receive the compensation as per the below-listed circumstances:

  • Suppose the flight is delayed or cancelled, and you have arrived at your destination at least 3 hours later. In that case, you can opt for compensation only if the circumstances are under Air Canada’s control. You should have been provided information about the delay or cancellation at least 15 days before departure.

Eligibility Criteria for flight cancellation or disruption

In case the flight you are travelling with is cancelled or disrupted for any reason because of Air Canada’s causes, then you will be entitled to receive amenities and means like

  • To and fro transportation from the airport to the accommodation.
  • Any suitable hotel stay near the airport.
  • Drinks and food
  • Electronic Communication like free Wi-Fi

The above-listed amenities will be offered to the passenger only if:

  • You have waited at the airport for more than two hours before departure.
  • If the airlines communicated didn’t about the disruption or cancellation 12 hours from the exit.

Air Canada’s 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Per the Air Canada 24-hour Cancellation policy, the passengers can cancel their booking in 24 hours and seek a full refund. The 24-hour cancellation policy is not dependent on the ticket type. But if you are revoking your ticket after 24 hours of buying it, you need to pay the applicable charges. The charges can be waived only if you have purchased a refundable ticket.

Air Canada Cancellation policy for illness issues

If the passenger has some medical urgency, they can cancel the flight. If the traveller is sick, he is liable to receive a full refund from the airline. However, documentary proof will be required to prove the reason.

Air Canada Cancellation policy for weather conditions

Cancellation for flight disruptions is always caused due to extreme weather conditions. As per the Air Canada Cancellation policy rules, you can opt for flight cancellations and seek a complete refund if the flights are cancelled because of bad weather. If the booking is cancelled, you can either look for a refund or opt for any airline’s alternate flight. An alternative flight will be offered without any extra charges.

In case your flight is rescheduled because of the bad weather and it will not allow you to board a connecting flight or in case the alternative options given to you are not relevant to you, in this situation, you cancel the flight and look for a complete refund.

Air Canada Flight Cancellation Charges

If you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, then Air Canada’s cancellation will always depend on the ticket type bought. Here is the list of charges as per the Air Canada Cancellation policy:

Air Canada Fees for type of Ticket
Ticket TypeCancellation Charges
Standard Economy$200
Basic EconomyNot allowed
Premium Economy non-flexible$200
Premium Economy flexible0
Business Class Non-Flexible$200
Business Class Flexible0
Award Ticket$0-150

Basic Economy Ticket

Air Canada will only allow the Basic Economy cancellation if you cancel it within 24 hours of buying it. You will be permitted ticket cancellation and seek a refund if the flight is delayed for over 3 hours. You can also opt for cancellation if you have fallen sick or received a military order and cannot take a scheduled flight.

Non-refundable Tickets

Air Canada non-refundable tickets like non-flexible premium economy/business class fares, comfort, flex and standard economy booking will never qualify for a refund. If you are cancelling such Air Canada tickets, you must pay $200 for every ticket. On cancelling, the passenger can use the unused ticket balance for future travel. The credit should be used within a year of ticket issuance.

Award Tickets

Within 24 hours of buying the ticket, if you can cancel your booking, you need to pay $125 for online cancellation and $150 if you have contacted customer care. The charge for the diamond member of Aeroplan is $30 for online cancellation and will be $100 if the passenger gets customer care. If the passenger is a member of Altitude Super Elite 100k, he is not required to pay any fees for cancellation.

Refundable Tickets

Refundable tickets like Business Flexible, Premium Economy Flexible and Latitude will be qualified for a complete refund. You cancel the booking prior to the flight’s scheduled departure. On cancellation, the refund will be sent to the original payment source. The payment will be credited back in 7 business days. 

How can you cancel your Air Canada Booking?

To cancel the Air Canada Flight booking online via mobile or reach out to the desk, you need to follow the below-listed steps:

  • Reach out to the official website for
  • Hit the booking button.
  • Now enter the credentials to retrieve the bookings:
    • Last name
    • Ticket number or reference number
  • Now hit the find tab
  • Now, choose the booking you need to cancel
  • Hit the cancel your flight link.
  • Finalize and confirm the cancellation.
  • The passenger will be receiving the confirmation email on the email ID.

The passenger can cancel the booking via online mode if:

  • When you have already booked the flight via the official website of Air Canada or their mobile app.
  • If you opt for cancellation for 2 hours before the flight’s departure.
  • If you opt to cancel the flight via Aeroplan reward booking.
  • In case you cancel the complete booking.

Air Canada Flight Refund Policy

To seek a refund if you have already started travelling: 

If you have yet to travel, you can request a refund from the original destination.

  •  Reach out to the official website of Air Canada and then opt for online booking cancellation. If you have bought a fully refundable ticket, your refund will be initiated on ticket cancellation.
  • In case you have booked the ticket from a third-party agent and want to cancel your booking along with a confirmed upgrade, reach out to Air Canada directly.
  • Also, if you have booked the tickets from any other airline, travel agent or website and want to cancel, call them and ask for the due refund.

Air Canada Coupon, Vouchers and Credits:

Once the passenger cancels their booking, they are usually provided with any of the below-listed vouchers, have a look:

  • e-coupons
  • ACCredit
  • Electronic Travel Voucher
  • Travel Voucher

Lastly, Air Canada Cancellation policy mentioned above will help you with the flight cancellations. The article will also let you know about the fee charged to you. Before canceling, know everything you will require about the procedure.

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