Do know about United Airlines Baggage Policy?

United Airlines Baggage Policy

This article will discuss United Airlines baggage policy in detail. Let’s start with the quick guidelines:

For economy class, United Airlines baggage policy will include the following:

  • One personal item can be carried for free.
  • Carry-on baggage
  • One carry-on item can be taken for free.
  • Hold baggage/checked baggage: Fees are applicable.
  • Oversize and Overweight bags: Fees are applicable for every bag depending on size and weight categories.
  • Sports equipment fees are applicable.

United Airlines Sports equipment policy

The fare for checked baggage is applied to all sports equipment. Extra, oversized and overweight items are subjected to additional fees. United is not liable to pay for any damage that occurred while travelling.

United Airlines baggage policy does not provide any information or assistance for firearms regulations. Also, United is not responsible for compliance with the laws or the circumstances the client needs to face if he does not abide by the airline’s laws or regulations.

United Airlines hold baggage or checked baggage policy?

Here are the details you should know about hold luggage or checked baggage policy:

  • The maximum dimensions for checked baggage should be 157 centimeters or 62 inches (length + width + height).
  • Two standard bags (the fee is applicable for economy class tickets)
  • The maximum weight to be handled is 23 kilograms or 50 pounds.

The Carry-on Baggage policy of United Airlines

Travellers can carry one personal item like a laptop bag, briefcase, purse, etc. and one carry-on bag. 

The carry-on bag measurements should follow the strict sizes listed below

It should fit under the front seat and overhead bin.

The bag’s measurements should be 115 centimeters or 45 linear inches inclusive of wheels and handles.

Personal items can always be within the weight and size restrictions.

  •  89 or (41 x 28 x 20 cm) centimeters or 36 or (16 x 11 x 8 in) linear inches
  •  It should fit nicely under the front seat and overhead bin.
  • The assistive devices (strollers, crutches, kid restraint seats, walkers, wheelchairs, etc.), duty-free inches, diaper bags, umbrellas, and jackets. You can check out our United Airlines stroller policy for more details.

It would help if you remembered that bulkhead sets never have seat storage, so all carry-on baggage should be kept in an overhead bin during landing or take-off.

United Airlines Extra, Oversized and Overweight baggage

Additional charges will be applied to the checked baggage exceeding the weight or size limitation. The traveler needs to pay an extra allowance for the same. Also, excess, oversized, overweight baggage is never accepted on flights toward specific destinations and time frames. 

Oversized Baggage

The luggage exceeding 292 cm or 115 inches can never travel as checked baggage.

Overweight baggage

Except for musical instruments and assistive devices, baggage that exceeds 45 kg or 100 lbs is not accepted. Musical instruments over 75kgs or 165lbs are not allowed to travel.

Extra Baggage

Travelers who cannot take assistive devices are only accepted with extra charges. Moreover, if you are traveling between Brazil and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S., you can load up to three extra checked bags.

Fees for carrying Baggage on United Airlines

As per the United Airlines Baggage Policy, charges are applicable. The fees are determined by the ticket class you have bought, the destination if you are one of the active U.S. military personnel and dependent on your status with the affiliated carrier, and if you have opted for the United Airlines sponsored charge or credit card.

The United Airlines hold luggage or checked baggage fees for United States domestic flights are:

  • For the first bag, the charges are $35.
  • For the second bag, the charges are $45.
  • And the third bag and every additional bag, costs $150 for each bag.

Here, you need to add up to two checked bags and pay in advance online.

United Airlines standard hold luggage or checked baggage fees for to/from United States international flight is zero for the first and the second, $100. On the other hand, for international basic economy hold luggage/checked baggage, the fee for the first bag is $60, and for the second bag, it is $100. On some flight routes, two checked bags are considered standard. To know the charges, you can calculate United Airlines baggage calculator here.

United Airlines Sports equipment fees

As per the United Airlines Baggage Policy, fees will depend upon the sports equipment type you can carry with you. The sports equipment can be lacrosse, hockey, fishing equipment, golf bags, and Skis are considered as a single item. The charges start at $30. For larger sports equipment, the fee charged is $150.

CPAP Devices

According to the United Airlines Baggage Policy, the passengers can bring portable electronic personal ventilators, respirators, and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines on United flights if they meet FAA requirements, as verified by a manufacturer’s label or other means. Additionally, the clients using a respirator, CPAP, or ventilator on board need to give advance notification within 48 hours and reach the accessibility desk.

How can passengers avoid paying United Airlines Baggage fees?

Here is detailed information on how passengers can avoid paying United Airlines baggage fees:

Premium Cabin: Free checked bags

The passengers can avoid paying fees to United for free checked bags by paying more for traveling first class, premium economy, or business. Moreover, travelers in these cabins can travel with up to two checked bags free of cost on domestic flights. The passengers flying first class or business are allowed to travel with a baggage allowance of 70 pounds.

If you plan to travel with two bags, comparing the fares of premium economy and economy is recommended. Also, this comparison will help you in checking that free baggage allowance with the premium economy is worth paying the high fare price or not.

Elite Members: Free checked bags

The United MileagePlus elite members can travel upto three checked bags without paying any charges. However, it will be dependent upon cabin class and the destination. Then, here is the breakdown of benefits offered by the free checked bags for the MileagePlus status

United Premier Gold

Two checked bags can be bought for traveling in Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, or the continental U.S. without paying any extra fees.

Three checked bags can be brought to business class, United Polaris, or first class without paying extra fees.

Three checked bags can be bought while flying between South America and the U.S., Asia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia without paying any extra fees.

One checked baggage can be taken to all other economy fare classes, including Micronesia and intra-Asia, without paying any extra fees.

United Premier Silver

One checked bag can be brought while flying Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska or the continental U.S. without paying any extra fees.

One free checked bag on all other economy fares, including Micronesia and inter-Asia.

Two checked bags are allowed for travelling between South America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. with no extra charges.

Three checked bags are allowed in United Polaris, business class or First class.

United Premier and Platinum 1k

Upto three checked bags for flying within the continental U.S. or to Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska without paying any extra charges.

Upto three checked bags while flying between South America and the U.S., Africa, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, and Australia without paying any charges.

Also, upto three checked bags can be checked in while travelling through United Polaris, business class or first class.

However, a free checked bag can be checked in on all the economy class fares, including Micronesia and intra-Asia.

Military Members: Free Checked bags

The U.S. military personnel on duty and the people accompanying them qualify for traveling with United Airlines with complimentary checked baggage. According to the United Airlines baggage policy, they are allowed to carry an utmost of five bags per person while traveling on business and can take up to three bags if traveling personally. The above-stated benefits will also be applicable to their dependent when traveling without their military family member.

Traveler tips for quick guidance to carrying baggage with United Airlines:

To reach the airport, you must remove all the old tags on your bag.

If you had to check in a bag, you must reach the airport on time.

Always click a picture of your bag with the tag for your records.

Try writing your email or mobile number on the baggage tag or in the bag’s front pocket so that you can be reached to confirm in case your baggage is lost.

Also, keep your keys, wallet and essential medications in the bag you carry on the flight.

You can also keep an Airtag to ensure your bag remains in front of your eyes.

Bag Check-in procedure:

Always reach the airport on time: Bag checking with United takes time, so the passenger must contact the airport before the scheduled departure. You can also look at the city check-in timing on the United website. Check-in timing for the cities

Go for claim check: On reaching out to the airport, the passenger must look for the kiosk to get their claim check done. The claim check is similar to the receipt. Keep all of the receipts until you receive your bags at the destination.

Know your connecting flights: If you are having a connecting flight, you must re-check all your bags while travelling between the stops.

Why is it advised to prepay for the bags?

The passengers can save time by paying in advance for their bags. If you fly through any United Express or United flight in the U.S., the passenger can use their miles to pay for the baggage.

What will happen to the baggage if the assigned seat or flight changes?

If the passenger’s flight is canceled, you seek a refund for the check baggage charges. You can have a look at the refund policy of United Airlines.

United First, United Polaris, and United business class seats allow passengers to board their checked baggage without extra charges. If the traveler is upgraded to any of the cabins before check-in the bags, they do not need to pay for them. Also, if you are traveling via United Economy, you need to pay baggage fees.

How does United apply the checked baggage fees?

Since its inception, United Airlines has followed the regulations set by the U.S. Department of Transportation while setting up the fees for baggage:

  • The airlines you are flying with set the bag fees for the complete trip. If you decide to make any changes to the trip or are using a different airline, then the new airline policies will be applicable. 
  • Baggage fees will depend upon the ticketing date and the cabin you opt for. The other factors affecting the charges can be the passenger’s membership or status on the travel date. The checked bag fee is applicable at any point whenever you check in your bag.
  • If a Star Alliance member operates your connecting airline, you do not need to recheck; it will go to the destination in one shot.
  • Including one or more connections, the checked bags will be picked up at the destination. Also, the charges from the point you are starting to your destination will be applicable.
  • If connecting flights are with different airlines, you should recheck your bags with the other airlines.
  • If you are having a layover, the passenger can collect their bags at the point. While resuming their journey, they can check in their bags again, and the charges will apply.

Many airports can reject baggage based on the weight, number of bags, or size. So, do check with the airlines before booking your tickets.

Is the baggage policy of United Airlines different for the connecting flight?

The checked bags for the trip, including the connecting flights, will follow the passenger to the destination. As per the United Airlines baggage policy the passenger can claim their baggage and re-check their bags in case of:

  • If there is any connection involving a night stay.
  • If there is a layover.
  • You’re on an international journey with a connecting flight within your destination country.
  • If your connecting flight scheduled departure is after 12 hours of your arrival at the airport.

The traveler tends to keep their checked bags on the same flight, they are travelling. Also, if it is impossible, the baggage is sent through another flight with the requisite space.

Finally, the United Airlines baggage policy is crystal clear but keeps on changing. Consequently, you can have a look at the United Airlines official website as well to remain up to date. Overall, we have tried to touch every point related to the United Airlines baggage policy and we will keep on adding to the article so that you will get complete information here.

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