Do know about Spirit Airlines Car Seat Policy

Do know about Spirit Airlines Car Seat Policy

If you are travelling with your babies, small children or infants of 2 years or less, then Spirit Airlines car seat policy advises you to buy out a seat. You must secure your child in a car restraint or car seat system approved by foreign governments, the FAA, or United Nations standards. There is also another option for the passengers to travel with an infant on their lap if they are for more than seven days without paying any extra charges.

Kids above two years of age must buy seats and an approved car seat with Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Car Seat Policy

Here are some of the critical points that you should know about Spirit Airlines Car Seat Policy:

Spirit Airlines allows every kid to travel with a single-car seat policy without paying any charges. The car seat is a part of the baggage allowance. The passenger seat price is applicable.

The passengers can check in without paying any extra charges for their kid’s car seat as the checked baggage. 

Spirit Airlines allows infants at least seven days old but under two years old to travel on a separate paid seat if Spirit Airlines approves it. The child restraint system or the car seat should meet the guidelines below: 

If the car seats to be used are made before 26th Feb 1985, they should be labelled as the kid restraint system, confirming the federal motor vehicle safety standards.

 Suppose the car seats are made after 26th Feb 1985. In that case, it should have two labels:

  • The kid restraint system should confirm the federal motor vehicle safety standards and 
  • The restraint system should be certified in aircraft and motor vehicles.

If you travel through Spirit Airlines, the approved car seat should have these labels.

Spirit Airlines Car Seat Policy Rules:

Here are the car seats that a passenger can use on Spirit Airlines:

  • Car seats adhere to the regulations set by the United Nations.
  • Foreign authorities approved car seats.
  • CARES, kid aviation restraint system.

Do know about the prohibition for using car seats in Spirit Airlines:

  • Seats having inflatable seatbelts
  • Exit row seating or the front rows or seats present exit rows.

Spirit Airlines car seat size prohibitions:

Many car seats are sometimes approved, which is significant for travelling through Spirit Airlines. We have listed down the car seat width, and it will be helpful for you to ensure that your kid’s seat will not exceed the seat dimensions. But if the car seat you are travelling with exceeds the seat dimensions, Spirit Airlines can offer you a no-penalty refund or help you with a suitable seat.

AircraftsBig Front seatDeluxe Leather SeatsRows having inflatable seat belts
widest seat widthnarrowest seat widthwidest seat widthnarrowest seat width
Airbus 31922″22″17″15.5″1, 4, 5 (D,E,F)
Airbus 320 & 32A:22.8″22.8″16″15.5″1, 3, 12, 13
Airbus 321 & 32B22″22″17″15.5″1, 3
Airbus A321 NEO (32Q)20.9″20.9″18.516.5NA

The rear-facing kid restraint system over 25 inches in height will never be allowed to be used because of limitations in size.

Remember, the pack ”n” plays, collapsible cribs and similar products cannot be treated as transportation equipment or checked at the gate. Therefore, it will be included in the checked baggage allowance.

Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy:

If you travel with a child/infant, they can check in without payment. One stroller is allowed for every infant/child, with one car seat on Spirit Airlines. Baggage allowance will not include any of these.

Suppose the compact stroller you are a traveller with has permissible carry-on measurements, i.e. cm x 46cm x 25cm/22in x 18in x 10 in inclusive of handle and wheels. In that case, the chances are high that airlines will consider it as carry-on luggage. The stroller will check in without paying any charges.

Travelling tips with the car seat:

If you are checking in with a car seat or stroller, ensure that you carry a car seat to protect from any damage.

If you have bought a seat for your kid, they can travel in the car seat on the airplane.

In case there is any issue with the seat assignment, then reach out to Spirit Airlines and reach out to the gate and have a conversation with the gate agent. The gate agent will help you if a seat is available.

It would help if you packed to avoid paying extra baggage fees.

Spirit Airlines Car Seat Policy Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the FAQs related to the Spirit Airlines Car Seat Policy:

Are car seats available for free on Spirit Airlines?

On reaching the airport, the traveler needs to look for a ticket counter where Spirit will help you check-in one car seat and a stroller for a child. The traveler need not pay any extra charges. Per the Spirit Airlines car seat policy, passengers can check all these items at the gate.

Can passengers check in car seats with Spirit Airlines?

The Spirit promotes check-in of the car seat without paying extra charges at the boarding gate or desk. The kid’s car seat definitely will not count for the baggage limit.

Is there a child seating policy with Spirit Airlines?

Kids up to 24 months can travel on an adult’s lap. Buying a seat is not a necessity for them.

Will Spirit separate me from my baby?

There is no such policy, and there is no guarantee that you can sit with your toddler. You need to place a request or speak to the customer care of Spirit to have the adjacent seats with your child under 13.

Is there any infant policy of Spirit Airlines?

Per the Spirit Infant policy, the infant must be at least seven days old and can be of utmost 24 months to travel with adults of at least 15 years. 

Can the travelers on Spirit have a booster seat?

No, the passengers cannot travel with a booster seat on Spirit. The booster seat didn’t get the FAA’s approval and required a lap-shoulder seatbelt to travel.

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