A Complete Guide about United Airlines sports equipment policy

United Airlines sports equipment policy

How to travel with sports equipment’s with United Airlines?

For traveling with sports equipment, the passenger must pay fees similar to the checked bags. Extra, overweight, and oversized items are subjected to additional fees. Furthermore, the United Airlines Sports equipment policy never holds the airlines responsible for paying for any damage caused to the sports equipment you are traveling with. 

We aren’t required to provide assistance or information about firearms regulations. We also aren’t responsible for your compliance with those laws or for the consequences resulting from your failure to comply with such rules or laws.

Here is the list of sports equipment you can carry while traveling through United Airlines:


    The passengers can bring their archery set as their checked baggage. The bag will be inclusive of the following:

    • A bow case comprising bows.
    • The maintenance kit should be strong enough to protect against the damage.
    • A quiver comprising of arrows.


    The passenger can include a single bag carrying baseball equipment and is marked as a checked bag. It is inclusive of baseball bats.


    Bikes are marked as checked bags per the United Airlines Sports equipment policy. Here are the guidelines for traveling with your biking instruments. 

    • You can turn your handlebars sideways, and the passenger needs to take off both pedals before packaging.
    • The passenger can pack the bike pieces with protective material or plastic foam for a sealed box or transport the bike. The box used should be made up of durable or hard-sided cardboard.
    • As per the United Airlines sports equipment policy, oversized charges are waived if the bicycles are adequately packed.
    • There can be circumstances in which you need to get rid of the bike front wheel. It will always be dependent upon how the handlebars are turned. In case you have loosened on your handlebars, the front wheel can stay. Or else it is required to be removed.

    Also, Battery-powered or motorized bikes cannot be checked with United Airlines.

    Surfing and Boating

    The passengers can bring a one-speed board, boogie board, and skimboard as a checkerboard. United Airlines does accept the board bag consisting of two boards.

    • Canoes and Kayaks

    As per United Airlines sports equipment policy, the airline never accepts canoes and kayaks on their flights.

    • Kiteboards

    The passenger can bring a single kiteboard or a bag of kiteboarding equipment as the checked bag. The Kiteboard should be well-packed. Additionally, to avoid scratches, the Kiteboard should be packaged in a case. The Kiteboard should meet the below-listed dimensions as per the United Airlines sports equipment policy:

    • 115 inches (including length + width + height) in case you are flying with the United.
    • 80 inches (including length + width + height) if you travel on the United Express.

    If the flight you are traveling with has an extra bag limit, then Kiteboards are only accepted if the flight is going to Costa Rica.

    • Oars

    According to the United Airlines sports equipment policy, the passenger had to bring a pair of oars or a case of two oars as checked bags.

    • Life Jackets

    Carbon dioxide-powered inflatable life jackets are categorized as dangerous items. You can also bring checked bags sometimes many other rules exist.

    • Paddleboards, Surfboards, and wakeboards:

    You can also bring paddleboards, surfboards, and wakeboards if they are securely packed in board bags.

    • Their measurements should be less than 203 cm or 80 inches if you are flying with the United Express.
    • The fin or Skeg must be padded or removed.
    • Weigh less than 45.3 kgs or 100 pounds.
    • If you travel with the United, 115 inches (including length + width + height).

    If you are flying from/to California, then United Airlines will waive the charges for up to two of the above-listed items. However, if you have a layover or a connecting flight in California, you cannot avail this benefit.

    • Wave Ski

    The passenger can bring a bag with the equipment or a single ski as a checked bag. Also, the equipment you carry should be well-packed or padded to avoid scratching. Wave Skis to be taken should meet the below-listed requirements as per the United Airlines sports equipment policy:

    • 115 inches (inclusive of length + width + height) if you are flying with the United.
    • 80 inches (including length + width + height) if you travel on the United Express.

    The Wave Skis cannot be carried if your flight has an extra bag limit.

    • Windsurfing

    The passenger can bring a single set of their windsurfing equipment while flying with United Airlines. This set is allowed to have:

    • One sail
    • One mast
    • A boom
    • A windsurfing board of less than 292cm or 115 in
    • Hardware required, if any, for these items

    The complete set should weigh less than 45.3 kg or 99.9 pounds and is considered a particular item and checked with the airlines likewise. While flying, the set should be packaged well to avoid scratches and other damage.

    If your flight has a bag limit, you are not allowed to check your Windsurfing equipment.


    The passengers can check a single set of their bowling equipment inclusive of

    • A pair of bowling shoes.
    • A bowling bag comprising of utmost 3 balls.


    The passenger can bring sleeping bags, knapsacks or backpacks, and tents as checked bags with United Airlines. However, the airlines can allow heating equipment, stoves, and lanterns too, if:

    • The fuel source has already been removed
    • They are new
    • The fuel source is empty, and you have a letter from the enterprise that has completed the procedure.

    Kendo and Fencing:

    The passenger can bring one bamboo sword and a kendo bag as the checked bag; all this equipment should be adequately packed. The passenger must say additional charges if the bag has something extra than kendo or fencing equipment.


    United Airlines accepts firearms as their checked bags. The passengers should pack their firearms in a hard-sided container or a secured locked box. The firearms to be carried include antique trophy guns, BB guns, airsoft guns, etc.

    How does United Airlines check-in for Firearms?

    Per the United Airlines Sports equipment policy, here are the guidelines:

    • Firstly, the individual traveling should be at least 18 years old.
    • Secondly, the individual should sign along with the date the firearm declaration tag mentioning the firearms.
    • And thirdly, the individual traveling with the firearms should check in on the flight via the ticket counter in the airport lobby and declare the firearms they are traveling in their checked bags. Moreover, Passengers traveling with firearms cannot check in via airport kiosks, curbside, online, or via the app.

    Firearm cases

    The Firearms should always be packed in a hard-sided case along with a lock. This case should locked when the United receives it, and the combination or key should be safely kept with you. Also, the hard-sided cases should be kept inside the unlocked but secured soft-sided bag.

    It is not at all required to use the TSA-approved locking system. However, using it will help speed up the screening process for security.

    The passenger can pack up five firearms in a single bag or case. Although it will ultimately depend on where you are traveling from or going to. A lot of destinations have their baggage policy and how much they should weigh.

    Ammunition guidelines

    • The ammunition should be packed as the firearms in the same container.
    • Ammunitions packed in the container should be protected against any movement and shock.
    • Also the Loaded clips or magazines should be removed and packed in the box or any other packaging designed to keep up the ammunition. 
    • Ammunition, along with incendiary or explosive projectiles, is not allowed.
    • The black powder weapons are hazardous and cannot enter the checked baggage.

    International Rules and Regulations

    International regulations for firearms and laws vary a lot why you are heading through or from. In case you are responsible for contacting the embassy or consulate for the destination to learn more about ammunition and firearms exit and entry requirements, including permit requirements, licenses, and special packing requirements.


    The passengers checked bag a single set of fishing equipment, including one reel, two rods, one tackle box, one landing net, and a pair of fishing boots.

    Travelers should pack all the items in a case that can meet all the listed dimensions:

    • 115 inches (inclusive of length + width + height) in case you are flying with the United.
    • 80 inches (inclusive of length + width + height) if you travel on the United Express.


    The passengers can travel with a single set of gold clubs as the checked bags in the hard-sided case. It includes:

    • Golf balls
    • A pair of golf shoes
    • A golf bag with a set of clubs.

    The golf bag you are traveling with should be 62 inches or less. If your bag exceeds the measurements, overweight charges will be applied. Because of the golf bag size, there can be a delay in receiving your stuff at the baggage claim.


    The passenger can bring a single bag of gymnastic equipment as their checked bag. It should be packaged safely and will counted as a checked bag allowance. Also, additional fees will be applied if the bag is carrying some other equipment other than the gymnastics one.

    Hand Gliding

    The passenger can bring a single glider as their checked bag while travelling with United. Also, the combined weight of all hand-gliding equipment should be at most 45.4 kgs or 99.9 pounds.

    Moreover, the size of the glider accepted by the United depends on the plane you travel from. Have a look at the below listing as per the United Airlines sports equipment policy:

    • Airbus 320 and 319 can only transport equipment less than 274.4 cm or 108 inches long.
    • The equipment should be under 183 cm or 72 inches long if you travel with a Boeing 737.
    • Also, all other flights can transport the equipment under 292.1 cm or 115 inches in length.

    If you are buying a flight, you can check the type of flight you are traveling to via your account. Also, the gliders are not accepted if your flight has an extra bag limit or you are traveling through United Express flights.

    Lacrosse and Hockey

    The passengers can bring a single lacrosse or hockey bag and also upto two lacrosse or hockey sticks taped together to travel as a checked bag.


    Passengers can travel with their Javelins as checked bags if packaged well in a hard-sided case.


    The passengers can bring a single bag of paintball equipment in their checked bag. Also, the paintball gun you are traveling with should be checked in an unlocked hard-sided or soft-sided case. Ammunition should be packed well in its original packaging or in a proper case to avoid breaking. So, to travel peacefully, remove the regulator from compressed gas cylinders that are not in their original packaging to facilitate quick inspection by TSA. The cylinders should also be empty.

    Parasails and Parachutes

    The parasols and parachutes can be accepted as carry-on items or checked bags if they meet the size requirements of United Airlines:

    • Pole Vaulting
    • Not accepted by United Airlines

    Pool Cues:

    The passenger can travel with a single pool cue case consisting of pool cues as their checked bag.


    The passenger can bring a single dive bag comprising scuba or diving equipment as their checked bag. Also, the scuba equipment bag is included in either:

    • Utmost three rebreather tanks
    • A single empty scuba tank

    The rebreather or scuba tank needs to meet the below-listed requirements as per the United Airlines sports equipment policy:

    • The tank should be over 40 PSI.
    • Also, the rebreather or scuba tank should be empty and disconnected from the regulator valve.
    • The tank should have an opening for a visual inspection by the TSA executives.
    • The tank should never be sealed and have an open end.

    Passengers while travelling can have the soda lime comprising Sodium Hydroxide (4%) or less in their checked bags.

    The empty rebreather or scuba tank and the delivery bag you are having will be charged as two separate bags.  Therefore, the traveler should know that their dive bag is charged according to their checked bag allowance. Also, if the traveler is going through the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S., they need to pay $150 from each side, and for every other destination, they have to pay $200.


    The passenger is allowed to travel with their skated as their checked baggage on all the flights. In the United States, the Ice-skates can be packed as carry-on bags. However, if you are traveling with ice skates as an individual bag, they will be counted as checked bags.

    Skateboards, Roller Skates and Rollerblades:

    The traveler can pack non-powered skateboards, roller skates, and rollerblades as carry-on or checked bags. If you are traveling with your hoverboard or any other item, you need to check with United Airlines customer care.

    Snowboarding and Skiing

    The traveler can bring a single snowboard or ski equipment as their checked bag.  As the equipment set is considered as a single bag and then it must consist of:

    • Utmost two snowboards, along with a bag of snow boots.
    • One pair of water Skis.
    • A single pack of Ski boots and a maximum of two snow skis.

    Bringing only a boot bag still classifies it as a ski or snowboard equipment bag. Boot bags other than ski boots or equipment are subject to regular baggage weight and size restrictions. Also, carrying ski equipment beyond the standard baggage allowance will incur an additional bag charge.


    Passengers can bring a single tennis racket case along with the rackets and balls, which will be treated as checked bags on United. Additionally, they must fill out a liability form if the tennis bag needs to be packed appropriately.

    Lastly, the above United Airlines Sports equipment policy we hope is crystal clear to you. The traveler can notice the above listing while packing their sports equipment to travel with United. Finally, we would like to state that we will keep on updating the United Airlines Sports equipment policy to help you with updated knowledge and make sure that you travel safely and without any hurdles. For more updates visit official website of United Airlines here.

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